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Hi, It is nice to be here
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Sweet Pineapple 1 small can (cut into very small peices)
Cream 250 grams
Gelatin 1 tablespoon
Sugar 6 tablespoon
Water 1/4 cup

In 1/4 cup of warm water mix gelatin and stir till the gelatin is dissolved. Heat half cup of pineapple syrup and sugar, when sugar is dissolved mix gelatin to it and take it off from the stove immideatly. After it cooles keep this in the freezer. When it is half set, put it in the mix and grind it well, and now pour it in a serving bowl and add cream and pineapple tit bits, mix well and keep in the freezer.
After it has set, keep it in the fridge. This souffle should be served cool.


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Tara rum tara rum uthe sabke quadam, kabhi meri galee aaya karo. Tara rum tara rum kabhi khushi khabhi gham, hanso aur hansaya karo.

Often we laugh on others pity situation. Like what if ourselves face with such silly and pity circumstances.

I came across the same with one incident today and still unable to get rid of it and cannot say anyone else too.

In a hurry to reach office in time, after taking bath I have put on trousers without any undergarment and my God I realised it just when I felt a bit uncomfortable on taking my chair. I am in a fix now. I have got a meeting with client too just in another 10 minutes and........................can't go back home........... shit shit shit............. <<Blushes>> :p