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Thread: Download video and music

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    I am new here so forgive my ignorance.
    I have tried to download some videos and music, but i keep getting "this page can not be displayed."
    What am I doing wrong?

    Please help!!! :P[highlight=midnightblue:c1d9b177fc][/highlight:c1d9b177fc][/code][/url]

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    no probz mate :wink:

    goto the vdoz section located at
    then click on the desired vdo category (left click) ..> then click on the desired vdo (left click) now a new page will be displayed, scroll down a bit, you will see [download] - [rate] - [comments] buttons respectively, right click on the download button and save target as..

    yeap thats it
    Dream, I do.

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    Thank you Endurer,
    That was a fast reply!![highlight=midnightblue:c1d9b177fc][/highlight:c1d9b177fc][/code][/url]

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    Endurer my freind,
    Your advice was correct, but I wanted to inform you that some downloads don't work. I assume the files are no longer there, but thought I'd tell you in the event there is a problem.
    Have a great day/night![highlight=midnightblue:c1d9b177fc][/highlight:c1d9b177fc][/code][/url]

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    thank you.. i'll forward that to the administration
    Dream, I do.

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    mp3 music download

    please help me i am not getting the links for download

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    once you have posted the reply...refresh that page and then you will hopefully be able to see the links...

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    getting 10 posts before seeing the link is a bitch...

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