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Thread: Bhumika Chawla in Adnan Sami's video

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    Adnan Sami continues his trend of using popular Bollywood actresses to add grace and charm to his music videos. Last time he used Rani Mukherjee, Raveena Tandon, Namrata Shirodkar and Mahima Chaudhary in different tracks of his music album Tera Chehra.

    This time, he started with Amisha Patel in the first video of Kasam of his new music album Teri Kasam. And now its Bhumika Chawla (Tere Naam, Run) who will adorn the video of his next track Maahiya from the same album. The video will be on air very soon.

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    I think in the trend of beautiful wowen in music videos no one can beat Daler-paaji.... thay guy had the most gorgeous women in his videos and not just a few...

    And as for Adnan Sami adding actresses his videos I don't see the impact....

    Adding Govinda and Big B was somehow funny...

    But adding georgeous women to his videos... does it change the image the public has of him...?

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    yeah i agree with you snaz, but still he comes with one or two good songs, i.e. tera chehra was romantic to some extent, then kabhi to nazar milao / bheeghe bhgeege raaton...

    but i still don't get the concept behind his perfomance in the video, what has he got to do with glamour ? :?:

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    I met Diya Mirza @ the shooting of "Stop".
    I was surprised to see how skinny she was !
    She's so fragile.......

    and she's in the next Adnaaaaaaaaaaan Saaaaami Video too !

    His finger is bigger than her !

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    o my god, not again, i'm sick of dia

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    Amisha was looking sick in Adnan's video hate to watch her ... and now Bhumika well lets see
    the thing is that concept lacks in Adnan's videos

    talking about Diya oh forget it she even doesnt know how to act ...

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