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Thread: Relationship Tips: How To Be Yourself

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    If you want to be with someone for life, it pays to be yourself from the start.

    The problem starts in the beginning of a relationship. It is perfectly normal to try and be on your best behavior, and defer to all that your new lady friend wants. After all, you were one of those who spent their nights alone with a pizza box and the TV, you don't want to go there again. So you put your best foot forward, and end up getting stomped on. A relationship between any two people will not work unless you both have the freedom to be yourself. That does not give you carte blanche to be a right meanie, consideration is a factor too, but having one partner as a doormat, while the other one wipes their feet on you, is not a good look.

    So when your new lady tells you she wants to do something, like go to a movie you would hate, tell her how you would feel. Suggest she go with a girlfriend, or suggest something else to do, that you would both enjoy. Do not go to that movie unless you are prepared to sit through endless foreign features or soppy love themes, or whatever her genre is. You see, by going the first time you are setting a precedent. And if you start to try and put your foot down later on in the relationship, she is the one who is going to be confused and feel that you have changed.

    Relationships are a tricky business. It does not pay to enter in them unless you are being yourself. The same applies to her as well. If you can be accepted for the way you are, your likes and dislikes, the way you dress, even your love of something boring, then you will have a lot better chance of the relationship growing and enduring. Accepting her differences is important too, but we will go into that next time. Don't go into a relationship hoping to change someone, and most importantly BE YOURSELF.

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    nis tips mate...and u know?...i love tht color
    "I'm a friend for a friend who really wants to be a goood friend of mine"

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    and i luv dat color too

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