"God Made Relatives, Thank God We Made Friends"

How True is the above Line?

Some people or shud I say most? feel that relatives are a pain in the head! There are no more stories like "Kahanni Ghar Ghar Ki" or "Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi..." joint families no more exist.

Today everyone wants Money. No one needs Love & Friendship. All Bro-Sis are good before marriage, but then as they grow older instead of becoming intelligent they start getting Money-Minded.

Imagine 3 Elder Moms in kichen, someone calling you sweet beta-beti, imagine you all sitting together playing carrom-board, imagine all going for picnis. Is all this only in Stories and Tv??

there are many ppl... who wants life like dat ^...but their relatives are not nice...

Isn't the thought that friends are better true? Atleast we have someone to share happiness and cry on someone's shoulder!

Plz share your thoughts.