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Thread: Q&A With Fairy (Aapi)

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    Thankyou Aneeza :hug; n Thanks everyone for reading n liking :giveflower;

    Thank you so much All. Aap sub k saath ye QnA ka session buhat acha raha, mujhe maza aaya kaafi Ab mere khayal se sub log pooch chukkey hein sawal jo poochne they isiliye i'll request Endurer to lock this thread after my last post (is k baad walli ) taakey ab kisi aur member se sawal jawab hon aur kisi aur ko ab mazeed jaaney hum :giveflower;

    However Rahen k us mushkil sawal ne tub bhi pareshan kiya tha k likhne k liye kuch nahin tha aur ab bhi k itney saarey logon k jawaab mill gaye hein :s khair mein post karahi hoon yahan k baad aap sub se ijazat yahan.

    Khush rahein sub :giveflower;

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    11-how do ppl describe u in ur home..?
    Apni do chotti behnon ka description aap se share karti hoon yahan Halan k perhne k baad mujhe buhat hansi aayi thi aur kaafi funny lagey yahan share karne k hisaab se...per nahin karoongi tou un dono ko burra lageyga. Isiliye bare with it people.

    Chotti no.1:
    I think her nick here describes her the best, she truly is a Fairy :kissing: who with her magical ways can easily change a frown into a smile.
    Now let's come to her bad qualities and the bad thing about her is that she doesn't have any bad qualities. Sometimes she is kind of ELDER sister but she has to be strict at times otherwise we'll be :lildevil; hehe...jokes apart. I am wondering after reading this topic logon ko diabetes na hojaye.....:bg: coz when you are talking about a sweetheart everything has to be sweeeet. I can write on and on but it's enough for here. Love you Aapu :hug;

    Chotti No. 2:
    She is very lovely, caring n responsible daughter & sister. She is very dear to me n i think Mama n Papa trust her a lot. I have blind faith in her...I even can't imagine that she can do anything without justifying or anything in correct. She is a lovely person, easy to share with n a very dear human being. I am very lucky to have her as my sister/mother. She taught me about living life n living it beautifully. She is perfect or I may say God gifted that's y some people get jealous of her. Aapi u mean everything to me...u are my lovely sister
    Love ya Aapi.

    Kuch ziyada tareefein hogayeen...i wish mere bhai sahab yahan hottey tou KAAFI balance kardettey :biggrin: lolz!

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    Truth and nothing but... kudos to the both of them
    Dream, I do.

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    Oki people I am gonna lock/archive this gem of a topic. Aapi, It was lovely reading your views on life and beyond.

    Respect :yu:
    Dream, I do.

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