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Thread: Hindu racism in India

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    Manusrumiti says:

    As the son of Shudra can attain the rank of a Brahmin, the son of Brahmin can attain rank of a shudra. Even so with him who is born of a Vaishya or a Kshatriya
    More Facts:

    The caste system is perhaps the most elaborate expression of institutionalized oppression ever built by human beings. Caste oppression is so similar to racial oppression that the Dalits, the people once referred to as “untouchables,” by the supremacist arrogance of Brahmins (the priestly caste), are demanding that the UN Conference against Racism also include a discussion of Hindu racism. This of course draws outraged responses from the arrogant upper caste leadership of the neo-Brahminial Hindutva movement. This movement is striking terror on India’s Muslims, and Christians and is not interested in any form of democratic society, but on that is built on Hindu supremacist ideas. Hindu racism is so encoded within the so-called Hindu dharma (‘law’) that most Hindus tend to feel outraged even though they know that the practices and ideologies of caste and race intertwine and overlap like strands of the same fiber. More than 300 million (yes 300 million!) human beings in India live lives as bonded laborers. This is modern day slavery. A vast majority of them are Dalits and people of the lowest castes in the caste hierarchy. For them life under Hindu “dharma” is one of always serving Brahmins and upper castes, and doing the most menial tasks in society, a degrading condition justified in Hinduism as one appropriate to their caste! There is no economic, political or cultural emancipation for these oppressed millions under the regime of Hindu dharma, and with the rise of the Hindu fascist movement represented by the BJP government, they along with hundreds of millions of Muslims and Christians are being targeted and attacked.
    Dsjeya? anyone? I hope some of my hindu friends can explain it to me.
    Dream, I do.

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    I cant believe being so 'modern' yet ppl can believe in all this. I think Indian Government should BAN all this cast system .. just because someone is born in a small family doesn't mean they dont have a right to live a better life style .. I really want to read Dsjeya views on 'equality' .. he has being goin on about equality of man and woman .. letz see how he reacts to equality in 'human beings'
    aye dil tu tanhaiyon main rehne ka AaDi hoja.. jinhein tu yaad karta hai wo bare masroof rehte hain..

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    india is a secular democratic country,our constitution guarantees equal rights to all indian citizens irrespective of cast,gender,r religion
    yet untouchability is practiced in rural areas,but it is treated as a criminal offence
    we had dalit president Mr.Narayanan,Chief minister Mayavathi
    like in rural Pakistan where honor killing is permissible and woman can be given as compensation for any crime some rural areas the malice untouchablity does exsist.
    Friend endurer u have given exaggerated figures
    muslims and christians are safe and happy in india
    may be some fanatics are there in all religions
    do you know if a white says somebody is a pak it is racially insulting
    u make me happy

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    where r u my friends endurer and useless
    don't throw stones living in a glass house
    u make me happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsjeya, post: 233626
    india is a secular democratic country,our constitution guarantees equal rights to all indian citizens irrespective of cast,gender,r religion
    yet untouchability is practiced in rural areas,but it is treated as a criminal offence
    we had dalit president Mr.Narayanan,Chief minister Mayavathi
    Oh yes yes we have all heard of that It's lame actually and here's some food for thought:

    India: Gujarat Officials Took Part in Anti-Muslim Violence

    State officials of Gujarat, India were directly involved in the killings of hundreds of Muslims since February 27 and are now engineering a massive cover-up of the state's role in the violence, Human Rights Watch charged in a new report released today.

    The police were directly implicated in nearly all the attacks against Muslims that are documented in the 75-page report, 'We Have No Orders to Save You': State Participation and Complicity in Communal Violence in Gujarat. In some cases they were merely passive observers. But in many instances, police officials led the charge of murderous mobs, aiming and firing at Muslims who got in the way.

    Human Rights Watch also alleges that that the trucks carried quantities of gas cylinders. Rich homes of people belonging to the Muslim community and business establishments were first systematically looted, stripped down of all their valuables, then cooking gas was released from cylinders into the buildings for several minutes.

    ^ And if you look closely, that's human rights watch.

    Dsjeya, is this your so-called secular country? I find it extremely disturbing my friend.

    Quote Originally Posted by dsjeya, post: 233626
    like in rural Pakistan where honor killing is permissible and woman can be given as compensation for any crime some rural areas the malice untouchablity does exsist.
    Friend endurer u have given exaggerated figures
    muslims and christians are safe and happy in india
    may be some fanatics are there in all religions
    do you know if a white says somebody is a pak it is racially insulting
    Blame game? you can do that better than that my friend. Clean your own little backyard before taking it out at. Oh and by the way, keep those issues to their related topics. I am sure we have those available in discussions and debate.

    Muslims and christians are safe in India? Now you need to be corrected. Here's Amnesty international's report:

    it. In the subsequent large-scale violence against Muslims, girls and women were particular targets of Hindu mobs. By systematically and brutally abusing Muslim girls and women, they intended to humiliate and pollute the whole Muslim community. Several hundred girls and women were verbally abused, threatened, publicly stripped naked, raped, often gang-raped, had swords thrust into their bodies and were thrown onto fires while often still alive. Pregnant women and children were particular targets.

    Amnesty International believes that in relation to the violence in Gujarat in 2002, India has not fulfilled its obligations to protect fundamental rights guaranteed in its constitution and in international treaties to which is a party.

    Let down by the law

    Women seeking legal redress for crimes of sexual violence have been hampered by the inadequacy of relevant legal provisions in the Indian Penal Code. The law relating to rape fails to deal with the many forms of violent sexual assault experienced by girls and women in Gujarat as it only refers to penal penetration. Other forms of assault which do not amount to rape are defined as acts “"outraging a woman’s modesty”", a notion which is ill-defined and fails to reflect the range and nature of such violence which constitutes an invasion of a woman’s person and threatens their bodily integrity.

    And they are safe? Shame on you.
    Dream, I do.

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    The leg brace of a handicapped male victim buried at a mass gravesite in Ahmedabad. Gravediggers told Human Rights Watch that most bodies they buried were burned and butchered beyond recognition. Many were missing body parts -arms, legs, and even heads. Pregnant women, whose bellies were cut open before they were killed, were buried with their fetuses hanging outside their bodies. © 2002 Smita Narula/Human Rights Watch
    Dream, I do.

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    The Dalits: India's Untouchables

    India’s Dalits are 1/4 of the total population of India; a staggering 250 million men, women, and children. Dalits are the “outcastes” of Indian society – the “untouchables” – those called the “unborn”, for it would be better for them if they had never been born.

    The Dalits are the poorest of the world’s poor; they are stripped of their basic humanity, are denied basic human rights, and are entrenched in a system that gives them no freedom. Dalits are denied access to public wells and public parks. Many restaurants use separate drinking glasses for Dalits.

    Horror in India: harvesting childrens organs

    Alleged organ trafficking and sexual abuse of children: All Christian Council demands investigation and regulation of child-care agencies. Dalits, India’s “untouchables” were targeted.

    Organ trafficking or sexual abuse may account for the disappearance of 38 children from Nithari village near Noida, 25km from Delhi, in Uttar Pradesh. Remains of 17 of them were found at the beginning of the year. The owner of the house where the victims were buried, Moninder Singh, and his domestic, Surender, were arrested and have confessed but this has not stopped the tragedy from taking on strong political overtones.

    Lack of medical help:

    Dalits are often unable to receive proper medical care due to insufficient finances, caste discrimination

    Because India’s Dalits have little access to medical care, their children receive no vaccinations, and preventable infectious diseases like Tuberculosis, Malaria and Hepatitis spread rapidly.

    Knowledge Commission fails to deliver

    But the moot question is: Who are these Commission members to advise the government about the constitutional rights of vast masses of people? Why are they silent about the fact that all Central universities, IITs, IIMs, medical schools and Navodaya schools are run in English medium even though the Centre has declared Hindi as the national language?

    The Knowledge Commission is not worried about this, since English ensures that the upper classes get easy access to the globalised markets. We have never heard the Knowledge Commission say all children should be given equal access to English medium education.

    But whenever emerges an issue pertaining to the welfare of the Dalit-Bahujan masses, some intellectuals in Delhi and the Central institutes jump into the discourse with the theory that caste-based mechanism does not do any good for the nation. They warn that such government agendas will divide society on the basis of caste. Don’t they know that Indian society has been divided on the basis of caste for centuries? Do they have any ideological formula for the abolition of caste?
    Dream, I do.

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    this world is one f**ked up place

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    Anti-Christian Violence on the Rise in India

    Attacks against Christians throughout the country have increased significantly since the BJP began its rule at the center in March 1998. They include the killings of priests, the raping of nuns, and the physical destruction of Christian institutions, schools, churches, colleges, and cemeteries. Thousands of Christians have also been forced to convert to Hinduism. The report concludes that as with attacks against Muslims in 1992 and 1993, attacks against Christians are part of a concerted campaign of right-wing Hindu organizations, collectively called the sangh parivar, to promote and exploit communal clashes to increase their political power-base. The movement is supported at the local level by hindu militant groups who operate with impunity.

    In January 1999, Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons were trapped in their car and burned alive in the state of Orissa, reportedly by Dara Singh, a local leader of the extremist group Bajrang Dal. On the eve of India's national parliamentary elections in September and October 1999, the situation for minorities in the state deteriorated significantly.

    An act of violence against Christians every third day

    India continues to be an unsafe place for its tiny Christian minority. A mere 2.3 per cent of its 1.20 Billion population, and concentrated in eight of its 30 States, the Christian community averaged a crime against them every third day during 2006 - a total of 128 cases reported in the national or international media in the year. The figure may actually be much more.

    Much of the reporting gathered here was on the Internet websites of Christian groups. Mainstream press continues to ignore acts of violence against minority communities in general, and the Christians in particular.
    This list is of the more vicious crimes we report, leaving aside the repeated assaults on the road: the jibes, taunts and sexual harassment which takes place while the police look away, or worse, look on. Church workers, Nuns, Priests, Pastors and Evangelists, health workers and development NGOs often do not even report acts of violence unless there is grave injury. This list also does not include the hundreds of cases of official harassment of schools, colleges, hospitals, churches, mission stations and house churches in most Indian states.

    Much of the violence is in inaccessible areas of Madhya Pradesh, which tops the scale, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Orissa and so on, where it is almost impossible to persuade the police to take action before ht culprits vanish into the night. In Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, particularly, the police have often enough accompanied the attackers and the refused to record formal complaints.

    These attacks are often perpetrated by followers of the Hindu fascist ideology called “Hinduthva” and are often organized by members of the VHP and RSS, two prominent Hindu fascist organizations.
    Dream, I do.

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    friend endurer
    india has problems,i don't deny,but we are a democracy,have free press,and independent judiciary
    consider the huge population some stray incidents do happen
    dalits,christians and muslim all have votes
    every five years politicians have to approach them with all humility
    Gujarat is an aberration
    what about amnesty internationals reports about human rights abuses in Pakistan
    we have not hanged our former primeminister in mock trial
    we have not suffered single army coup
    Pakistan has a long way to go politicaly
    u make me happy

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