After college you enter into a more important stage of your life and that is CAREER. Making the transition from college to work is by no means easy. It is an entirely different life style and one has to put in ones utmost to be successful and achieve best results. You have to take crucial and important decisions in office. The days of hanging out with friends and wearing blue jeans suddenly will change to business suits. You life has to be more disciplined as your responsibilities increase and you cannot afford to take things casually. Here you can not keep shifting the work on your shoulders on to others or ask your friends like you used to do in college to complete your journal or work book. You are responsible for your assignment and thus you have to be sincere and hard working. When you start working, you have to be ready for change, in your life as well as your way of living.

The first thing a person has to be ready for is responsibility. You will most probably be assigned a project when you begin working. And it's very important to understand it clearly. You must always understand what exactly is the sphere of your work and who are the persons involved in the project and how much is expected of you. Though duties keep changing and increasing, it always helps to have an idea of which spheres of work you will be accountable for so that later on there is no misunderstanding. You cannot afford to waste time and will probably have to complete your project within a certain time frame. Though there will be no one constantly pushing you but you will have to produce results all the same. Remember, performance is the most important factor on the basis of which you will be judged in office.

Learning to work in and with a team is another important aspect of working. This is very different to the team in college. Here at work though you are a team but each person will have his separate share of work and you have to be efficient so as to complete your share. At the same time you have to make sure you are not lagging behind so that the project assigned to you does not get delayed because of you. Thus adjustment and cooperation are imperative in a working environment. Each one has a specific role but everyone is working towards the larger goal of the organization.

Another important thing that you have to remember is that you should come into the workplace with an open mind, ready to learn and absorb. Learning and observing is an important characteristic of success. One cannot know everything and he has to learn either through observing or through experience. Don't expect that you are perfect in everything. Initially you might make mistakes but when you learn through your mistakes you will be perfect. There is always something one can learn from co-workers, especially those with more experience. Learning from someone should never be a problem and you should never be ashamed to ask. Remember your colleagues will always help you out if you don't know something but if you pose to know it and then you fail or make mistakes you will not be excused.

Time is money - Always remember this. Meeting deadlines is essential. There are no will-do-it-tomorrow or postponements. One has to complete whatever is assigned to one within the scheduled time.

A major change that will be moving into your professional life will be in respect of your behavior. You have to learn to manage professional relationships effectively and, as most professionals point out, diplomacy is a must in the workplace. Maintaining healthy relations with co-workers is vital not only for your career but also for your progress.

Though the workplace is a drastically different environment from college, the change that comes with it is an essential part of growing up. It will shape up your career making you a more responsible person. It will give you a confidence which will help you go ahead in your life achieving success and only success with each step you take.