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Thread: How to choose a PDA

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    GITEX the Middle East biggest IT Exhibition finished and I was eagerly waiting for the new Nokia 9500 communicator.
    I'll wait for the price to come down when it is commonly avaliable in the market instead of selected distributors only

    Just saw The Bourne Supremecy where they scan the finger print of the PDA's screen......... please that don't happen even with James Bond !...... serious "lamba phenku" there....

    Gone are the days when you had to carry a mobile phone and a digital diary......... Digital diary ? Gosh thats seems like such an outdated term now. Carrying two devices? Bulky pockets, fear of losing one of them.... limited functions.
    Not anymore.... with the PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) you can have all the functions in one device. Most of the new PDA's now come with mobile phones and latest technology add-ons, and a perfect organizer for all your needs.

    Owning a PDA is like carrying a laptop in your pocket today.... the difference... a laptop doesn't come with a camera, MMS, phone.

    The PDA is today's mini laptop, organizer, digital camera, MP3 player, mobile phone and many devices into one

    What to look for to choose a PDA and what's available in the market.

    Larger Screens
    Many new models still exist with Black and white screens, but colour screens (65,000 colors )are more common and not that expensive.
    For web browsing this is very important and you feel at ease to operate with wider visual.
    Standard is a 4-inch screen coming with wider and bigger options too.

    Processor speed
    Faster processor of 400MHz or more

    128MB of internal memory minimum is atleast required...... I think the days of 64 MB are gone...
    Check if it has expansion memory card support.

    IrDA (Infrared)
    Blue Tooth
    Some PDA's that don't support it can connect through their slots like the e805 Toshiba, that can be plug a Bluetooth module into the SD slot.
    WiFi technology to connect to hotspots
    GPRS- many user now need this or GPS support for road maps.
    USB for connection to Pcs, laptops or other devices.

    Palm OS or Windows CE/ Microsoft® Pocket PC
    Look for Microsoft Office compatibility, and can also offer support on Word and Excel files, and to view your presentations on PowerPoint files.
    PDF viewer.
    Instant messaging.
    Windows and Apple support.
    You may add a dictionary to it too !
    Translation softwares commonly availble.
    I-mate's can dowmload the Quran onto it.
    World Time.

    Handwriting recognition
    For jotting down stuff in a hurry.

    Why not? All phones and PDAs come with them.
    You can download games of your choice from the internet just as you would for a Pc.

    Video support
    To view Mpegs, Avi's and other video files, at the same time you may be able to plug your PDA to a projector and view presentations too.

    MP3 support
    Many PDA's support MP3s too (just don't drain your batteries out) using head phones.
    If you PDA has that, then you wouldn't need a MP3 Player.

    Yes, this option saves the option of carrying 2 or 3 devices.
    PDA's with phones are called smart phones.
    Some models include vibrating alerts too.

    Battery life
    Many people use this for a whole day, and if combined with a phone it needs a whole day battery support somthing with a capacity of 1000mAh or even more.

    QWERTY keyboards are plus point today and this bridges the gap between organizers and pocket pcs.
    It can be a thumb key board or the touch screen type.
    Every essential to reply to lengthy emails and quite convenient for SMSs too.

    1.3 mega pixel is out now, but soon that too will be out dated.
    Video recording small clips.

    To synchronize and backup files on to your pc, which also doubles as a charges and you.

    Most PDA's and Palm organizers too come with a web browsing and Email feature for those always on the move.


    If you travel you would need network coverage of 3 continents.

    The look, do you like Metallic colour like me?
    Sony Ericsson's P800 was in baby blue, Palm's Zire had orange, Palms other models come in various colours.
    How heavy is it?
    How rugged is it?

    Just came across something interesting the other day, a protective cover for your PDA's screen :

    Many have a leather casing for your PDA, Palm has great plastic and Aluminum cases too.

    Over all
    Do you really need all those functions? If you are not looking for a business purpose and with so many function also, limitless models are available and you will be able to have something match your personality. Also the more the functions the more the price !

    Though i'm a Nokia user, still Nokia has disappeared since making the 9200 and Sony outbeat them with the P800 communicator adding functions like GPRS, bluetooth, camera which Nokia maybe able to challenge now with the new 9500.
    If you are looking at the perfect PDA with 98% of all functions above I recommend the P901i of Sony Ericsson or the I-mate.
    I still haven't tried the Nokia 9500 but I'm sure it would have all these too.

    The Blackberry has some good reviews on it, but I haven't come across one.

    Models to check out

    HP's ipaq models are very famous, HP iPAQ 6315 Pocket PC Phone (

    In the Middle East i-mate is dominating the market, in Europe its called XDA II. (
    Treo 600
    Sony Ericcsons P901i (
    ASUS MyPal A730 (
    From Palm check out the TREO range.
    Tungsten T5

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    i love sony ericcsons's P901i.. by the way, informative post snaz, thanks for sharing

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    That sure is a definite guide to PDA's.

    Thanks for sharing snaz.
    Dream, I do.

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    wonderful- really informative -
    but links r not working now

    Thanks 4 sharing

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