If you thought that Karisma would go slow on work post marriage, you are wrong. The would-be-mother is endorsing Eros Jewellery. Dressed in a black fluid salwar suit, she was recently shooting for the accessory brand at Filmistan studios.

On spotting the media, the blue-eyed actress immediately ruled out all personal questions. Karisma's impending pregnancy has cooked huge media hype but the actress refused to answer queries on that subject. Till date, it's aunt Kareena who has been fielding all questions relating to sister's pregnancy. All along the interview, the Kapoor kudi kept clinging on to a magazine that she used as a cover to avoid a full-length photograph.

The media finally popped some endorsement questions as to why did she decide to endorse this brand. Karisma replied, “This jewellery unlike others doesn't limit itself to gold or diamonds. It is a combination of Indian and western wear which is what I liked.”

Is she a jewellery person? “Working in and out of studios, leaves us very little time to don jewellery. One of the reasons, I decided to do the commercial was that, I did get to wear all those beautiful stones” she smiles.

And what does she think of the celebrity endorsements? “Well, I have myself done a couple of commercials. And one should pick up brands that one is comfortable with. Ideally I like to back products that are family-centric” she trails off.

While on jewellery, Abhay Godha of Eros Jewellery observes that gold is out instead it is chunky jewelry & stones that have made a huge comeback. Eros was keen to use a face that reflects the likes of both the young & the old. “In Karisma we found the same,” comments a senior executive with the brand.

The advertisement will only use Karisma's face profile, which conveniently excuses the pregnancy angle.