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Thread: Delicious Thai Delights!

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    Boneless chicken, cut into thin strips 500 grams
    Ginger 1 inch piece
    Garlic 3-4 cloves
    Shallots 4
    Lemon grass 2 blades
    Sesame oil 3 tablespoons
    Chicken stock 3 cups
    Red chillies, seeded and sliced 2
    Curry powder 1 teaspoon
    Snow peas, trimmed 100 grams
    Salt to taste
    White pepper powder to taste
    Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
    Coconut milk ˝ cup
    Boiled noodles 1 cup
    Spring onions, shredded 2-3
    Cucumber, sliced with skin 1 medium
    Fresh coriander leaves, chopped 1 tablespoon
    Fresh mint leaves, chopped 1 tablespoon
    Lemons, halved 2


    1. Grind ginger, garlic, shallots and lemon grass to a paste.
    2. Heat two tablespoons of sesame oil in a large frying pan or wok and cook the chicken over high heat until golden. Drain and place on an absorbent paper.
    3. In the same pan heat the remaining oil, add the ground paste and sauté.
    4. Add chicken stock, red chilli slices and mix. Add curry powder and snow peas. Add salt and white pepper powder and mix.
    5. Add lemon juice and coconut milk to the soup and bring to a boil.
    6. To serve take boiled noodles in serving bowls, add chicken, spring onions, cucumber, coriander leaves and mint leaves.
    7. Pour hot soup into the prepared bowls, place half a lemon on the rim and serve immediately.
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    hmm....nice...acha hai...will try it...Thanks 4 sharing a variety...:up;

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    seeems to be delicious thank u for sharing

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