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Thread: Xclusive interview with 'Omar' aka Inspector

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    Enjoyed reading ur interview bhai rather knowing u once again...and aap ne popcorn kahin mention nahi kia ..really loved ur comments...ur respect, kindness, loyalty is precious to me...

    here comes ma question...ahista ahista lambi list hoti gayi ..shukar al hamdALLAH..i stopped...and Omar bhai u can take ur time as much as u want...

    I am was really excited to answer your Questions…But Sorry for very late reply…And yep As I already told Pop corns have lost their place….

    1-What are your fav subjects to debate on?

    I like to be casual on debate nothing fav.But I prefer to take part in talks related to automotive and stuff like that

    2- 3 biggest fears in life?

    Day of Judgment
    Pata nahin kis hal mein death naseeb hoge
    And a day when a lil lie will become a big truth

    3-What kind of experiences have made you be the person you are today? Who kept ur name

    No One Actually ... The Experience of being lonely, and great time wid frndz

    4-ur fav book

    Hmm My Chemistry Book of high School It’s my fav cuz uss mein chemistry sey hut ker bauhat kuch tha and special thing is that k it was all my creation

    5-which dress u like and wat color combination do u mostly prefer ...

    I luv to wear trouser and a sleeve less Shirt. Contrast Grey and Sky Blue…

    6-wat do u miss today that u had in ur childhood..

    My Toys Specially My Room’s Shelf Full of Racing Cars

    7-if jinne can again bring u ur "bachpan"...would u want to be young again

    Naah Jinne can’t do this :biggrin; But I will luv to be young again wesay to mein abhe bhe young he hoon

    8-Any shocking news of ur life..

    The Death Of My Very Best Friend

    9-moment of happiness

    As I mentioned earlier it was day of my engagement

    10moment of sadness

    Jub koi bauhat close door chal jata hey

    11-moment of inspiration


    12-which instant u felt that u can do anything for ur parents

    The very fast day I missed them

    13-how did u feel when u completed ur graduation...

    Was Very happy cuz yaqeen he nahin arah tha

    14-aap apni marzi apne parents se kaise manwate hain...

    Kabhe as a moment nahin aya k me ko apni merzi manwani pere hoo

    15-how will u define ur ideal person...

    I think ideality is name of something inexpressible…

    16-if u like cooking...wat dish u still want to try...

    Yep I will luv to cook Pulao and Barynai again and again…

    17-I know u like everything almost abt ur self mashaALLAH...but plz mention some

    I am Friendly and :$

    18-which is the beautiful relation in ur life...and which relation u like from all the relation in this world

    Up till now two beautiful and close relation wid Parents And Fiancée…I will luv to have my Parents ever and ever

    19-On wat does ur mom always advice u on

    On Health And Driving

    20-were you a trouble maker in high school if so what kinda trouble?

    Naaah trouble and me No Way
    You know What i Mean!

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    21-What does the word "beauty" mean to you?

    There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.

    22-Do you think people are afraid to speak what is really on their mind fearing what others may think of em?

    No I Don’t think so but it may be the reason of lack of confidence.

    23-Which animal u like the most & why?

    Hmm I like Leopards they are Fast

    24-Are you a messy boy or are you neat?

    I was Messy but not anymore.

    25-If you had the chance to meet any person in the world who would it be & why?

    I would not like only to meet a person but I will luv to meet whole Dt Family

    26-What do you think would solve our gas price situation?

    It’s a situation created due to corruption we need a complete chk on that

    27-What misconceptions do you think people have of you when first meeting you?

    Some of my frndz and family thinks k I am not sensitive…As I am very Sensitive

    28-Ur fav dish, sweet dish and sweets

    My Fav Dish, is not a Dish But Pizza… Chocolate mousse

    29-Fav festival and season

    Hmm Fav Festival F1 Championships and fav season Of course Spring

    30-Fav actor and actress , male and female singer

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Angelina Julie, Bon Jovi , Madonna

    31-Which music type u like...

    I like Pop Music of every type and some times Ghazals Too

    32-Fav dialogue

    Nothing favorite

    33-Which habit u don’t like in others...

    Nothing…Infact it differs from person to person

    34-Which habit u like in others

    Being Friendly and Feeling personal…But it differs too

    35-Are u ziddi, egoistic or emotional

    I think I am lil egoistic and more emotional

    36-Wat do u prefer ...loneliness or gatherings...and wat is the reason

    In normal I luv to be wid frnds feeling and sharing happiness.. but the mode goes off I better like to be alone…

    37-How do u spend ur free time mostly...and kis k sath waqt guzarne se aap ko khushi hoti hai...

    Wid Frndz…And Family

    38-When do u get v.angry and the reason is mostly...

    When the Things go wrong in front of me and if I cant do anything

    39-Ur fav country and unpreferable country

    Hmm Fav Country is one and Only UAE and unpreferable….hmm No one

    40-Do u want to live joint or separate...and reason is ?

    No I am living in joint System and will be in joint system…and the reason is lots of Affection, love and care… Which u can’t get any where else…

    41-Wat u r afraid of and reason

    I am Afraid of those fears in life

    42-Any wish that holds an important place in ur heart

    Nopes Not yet….

    43-How do u see smoking today when it has now become fashion..

    Ahhh Smoking… making ppl fool it isn’t a Fashion but the evil root.

    44-How do u see ppl who take drugs

    I feel like if I could do anything to stop them…but they have ruined their own life
    You know What i Mean!

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    45-Aap ki kis type k log ache lagte an example quiet, shararti, talkative, humourous, etc?

    Her koi Apni jagha acha lagta hey

    46-What gets ur attention in human nature

    Kisi ka Husn-e-ihlaq

    47-What do u do when u feel hurt

    I let my self alone to heal my soul

    48-What do u do when u feel happy

    I try to share and feel this happiness wid my surroundings

    49-What do u do when u feel sympathetic

    It’s like again I feel if I can do anything

    50-Do u confess ur mistakes or show hatt dharmi type attitude

    I do but some time I am not aware of wat I have done so ppl consider it haat darmi

    51-If there is a difference of tareef and khushamad in ur sight...then how do u differentiate it?

    Simply khushammad is always done to achieve or accomplish some aim and it never comes from heart…while tareef is wat k jo dekhtey he byaan ho from your heart.

    53-How do u feel when someone praises u...or gives u compliment

    Some times very Happy some times Confused and some times Embraced

    54-Wat do u feel when someone passes a comment on u...which u r not..and if possible wat do u mostly do

    I feel like ok If it is true then it is and if it isn’t I am still ok wid that…

    55-ALLAH na kare but if u r listed in bad names...wat u will do...and how will u feel...

    In our religion we are blessed that k ager hum Sachey Dil sey Tooba kerley too maafi mill jati so that is wat I do.

    56-How do u feel when the person who holds ur trust ...breaks it

    I haven’t pass through such a feeling and I wish k I will never see such a moment

    57-Wat gifts u would suggest giving to family members and frnds...some ideas

    In frndz and family it’s easy to know k wat other favorites or likings… So u can get an idea easily but flowers bouquet, perfume, watch and stuff like that is wat we present traditionally

    58-While organizing for a party ...which section in work u can hold/do better

    I have never experienced that but I will luv to arrange the food section

    59-When given do u perform time, on time, out of time.

    I try my best to do in time and so I but some time it’s timed out.

    60-How do u see male piercing in fashion...

    Uff I hate this fashion…

    62-Wat reaction in action do u do when u r feeling jealous

    Hehehe… I try to let myself Cool

    63-How much space should be given in a relationship

    As much as fast is relation

    64-Wat quality in ur view holds the relationship

    Its depends how sincere you are to have that relation.
    You know What i Mean!

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    :applaud; bahut ache answers diye hain...liked them to the point...welldone bhai...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fairy, post: 276364
    Kafi acha laga aapko jaan ker Omer bro :giveflower; Abhi Rahen k replies rehtey hein..insha-Allah woh bhi perheingey Keep posting.

    Aur mein kam kahan aati hoon? :x Itna tou regular aati hoon phir bhi sub yehi kehtey rehtey hein
    Thanku Aisha Appi

    Jee yeh mein nahi sub ka kehna hey k app kum ati hein But its so Nice to have You here :giveflower;
    You know What i Mean!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mytonse, post: 277627
    Splendid.Did a thorough read.Nice questions.Bright Answers.
    Thnx Alot
    You know What i Mean!

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    Nice interview Omer.
    Keep going
    What you want to do in ur life?

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