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Thread: Mobile Phone Users

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    Wrong handling and unsafe use of Cell Phone can lead to accident and
    Read the following articles from the newspaper....

    Incident: 1
    Excessive charging.

    Incident: 2
    Talking while charging. Plz Do them separately

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    mobile phones can also harm badly never imagined. I will take care next time.
    Thanks 4 sharing

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    I also heard once that excess use of cell phones causes cancer.
    I don't know how true that this. Maybe a doctor can answer this question.

    Is there a doctor in the house?????

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    I'm not a doctor yet, still a Med student, but I can tell you that yes, if used in excessive amounts, due to radio waves mobiles produce, it can eventually cause cancer.
    Radiowaves have the ability to cause heating of body tissues.

    Although some companies would defend the fact that the level of radio waves emmited from phones are limited, this is not the case.

    Basically the less you use your phones the less you are likely to get cancer.

    Hope that helps.
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    thx for the information. It did help

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    use bluetooth headset baby :dj;

    Wese I can't sleep with the cell phone switched on right underneath my pillow. :s
    Dream, I do.

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    Hey Shirene..

    look at it this way:

    U knw that food in the microven is heated thru waves....The waves produce heat leading to a hot pizza..!!

    U talk for 5 min continuously on the cell...
    on feeling ur ear ull realise that ur ear is hot...

    Thats a logical explaination...

    Apply it once...

    As Endurer said...Bluetooth device is safer ...

    I learn that members at Dt are Billionairs!!!!


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    Only Use Left side when you call do not use right side it will directly affect your brian

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    I do have a slight headache sometimes, after speaking for long on a cell :s

    Dsjeya ji is a doctor,, We should get him to comment on this

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