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Thread: Free Rapidshare premium account (legal)

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    thankss .. but sum1 plz tell if its really working or not .. !!

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    Are these still working?

    Are these links and accounts still working??

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    these type of things never work. they are usually used to get your email and spam your account. i have not tested this one though, but have seen many others like it.

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    link please

    link please wiht this post

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    A hoax

    Yup. They spam ur email account.

    The alternative is much better:

    1. Create a Paypal Premier Account.

    2. click this link A.W.Surveys The New Survey Experience

    3. This reference link gets u a bonus of $27 startup money.

    4. So now u will only have to work up only $48 (rather than $75, which is the minimum amount required to get the cash).

    I hope this links gives u a better boost to get ur rapidshare account. This method leaves u with extra cash to do some other stuffs.

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    best way to get free rapidshare premium account

    see below!

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    free raidshare premium account!

    probably the best way!

    download the attachment...

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    get free rapidshare premium account


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