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Thread: Tips for Bride Hair Care

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    Before your wedding day you are so busy with all the activities that you tend to forget various things. It is easy to neglect a proper diet and adequate hair care. It is true that good hair is hereditary. But if you take proper diet and care of your hair you can give a new look that dull hair. The structure of hair is like that of the scales on the skin of a fish. Smoother overlapping and unspoiled structure of this makes the hair look shiny and smooth. If proper care is not taken than the hair becomes tangled or roughed-up and makes the hair look rough and dull and makes it difficult to comb. The hair color, texture and the age for its graying depends upon the genetic build up of the person. However there are few external factors, which contribute to the health of hair, texture and its looks.

    Here are certain tips, which you can follow during the pre wedding days to give your hair a healthy look.

    Cleaning of hair should be done regularly. When hair is shampooed the action of water and shampoo makes the scales of the hair open up and then the shampoo removes the excess sebum, dirt and grime and washes these off on rinsing. You should use shampoos, which are made of a mild cleansing base and are gentle in action. They do not contain any other harmful chemicals.

    Give a proper herbal treatment to your hair. It is better to do that treatment while you are doing shampoo, it is more effective and easier to transfer the effects of the herbs or additives to the hair because the scales are open and a deeper access to the hair shaft is available. Allow your shampoo to remain on the hair for about a minute or so after lathering and then rinsed off. Conditioner should be used after shampoo to prevent your hair from getting curly on drying.

    Proper conditioning should be done with a good herbal conditioner. Conditioner helps to smoothen the hair and gives a shinning effect so you should use conditioner after using shampoo. The hair looks shinier, it is smoother to comb and does not attract and trap excessive dirt.

    Hairdressing is another important factor to be done to have a healthy hair. Most people do not use a hair dressing while some prefer to use some form of an oil or a non-oily gel, mousse or spray to keep hair tidy and shaped and held in the manner they like. Use good hair gel, which gives a mild hold and provides an anti-dandruff and anti-interactive property of herbal-extracts.

    Before your wedding it is important you should go for some special treatment of your hair. Special treatments like an oil massage, overnight oil application or hot oil treatments. This helps the hair to rejuvenate and add health to the scalp and hair through stimulation if nourishing oil is used through nourishment.

    Among the other regular care during your pre wedding days are as follows:

    * Comb your hair regularly
    * Shampoo your hair at least twice a week to protect your hair from dirt and pollution
    * Oil your hair regularly
    * Go for a hot oil treatment
    * Go for a falling hair treatment if necessary
    * Anti dandruff treatment
    * Anti lice treatment
    * Henna conditioning
    * Henna coloring
    * Henna, mehndi applications on your hair
    * Aromatic head massages to release stress and
    * Special aromatic treatments and herbal treatments

    So these are some of the tips you can follow to give that extra shine and healthy look to your hair on the day of your wedding. And along with these you should also maintain a proper balanced diet and seven hours of sleep daily. Don't forget to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water and lots of calcium in your daily food. Drink coconut water at least twice a week. It is good for your skin, digestive system and gives a magical effect to your hair.

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    v.nice tips...revision done...Thanks 4 sharing...

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    aaaaaaan so gud tips!
    wOrK SmaRt NoT HaRd......

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    hi thanks for sharing nice tips....

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    I love my hair and i can take care of my hair very well. In my opinion, Wash regular your hair and Do regular coconut oil because it can increase your hair growth. Use a best hair shampoo and conditioner.

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