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Thread: Improve Your English

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    inshaALLAH i will post basics and articles on english...

    good work hardik :up; and saira :up;

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    great effort ... keep doing da great work

    I ll also try to post sum basics soon

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    very informative thread :thumbs: ...i will also try to post some good stuff

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    hmmmmmmm i liked it now i think tht my english classes have been started i really badly need them so who is my teacher
    No1's perfect & so m i...

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    Good working. Thanks for shearing.

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    if u wanna learn english
    start watching american sports and as they broadcast repeat after them and u surely will learn a whole a lot
    if not get into text books
    reading novels are junk when it comes to learning english
    dats my advise

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    thanks you 4 giving advise

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    cool bluehacks . you done a good job please carry on .

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    hey all i am new here can i share my basics of english with u. I also wanna practicising my english.

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