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Thread: 'Haute' fashion for cold days

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    As the temperature drops and it gets harder to get out of your warm bed each morning, fashion is heating up for the winter season. Come the cold and design houses the world over experiment with different textures, layers and strong versus subdued hues. Use this season to truly play dress-up. Scarves, hats, leggings and jackets form a variety of options. In the right styles, colours, fabrics and combinations, of course.

    Colours for the season are powerful, bright and outlandishly bold. Red, gold, grey and purple define this winter.

    Androgynous outfits
    Runways in New York, Paris and Milan dictate an androgynous look. Boyish cuts and sculptured tailoring are offset by layers of softer, more feminine fabrics. Prada’s entire Autumn/Winter line had a serious, brainy style statement to it.

    As your social calendar fills up with evening events, the red dress sashays back into focus.
    An empire cut dress in solid true red with satin ribbon trimming is cutting edge for the season. Also look out for V necks, strapless bodices and black-on-red combinations. The length for the sensual red dress is strictly just below the knee.

    Red tartans are the way to go
    A tartan plaid short kilt skirt with a fitted black velvet jacket tied at the waist with a ribbon has multiple levels of style to it, as velvet is one of the primary fabrics for the season. Alternatively a red tartan jacket will keep you warm and very chic. Wear it over a long white cami with a skirt and leggings. Remember, layering is everything.

    Use red to lift your skin tone as opposed to other lighter colours that can sometimes make skin look sallow in winter light. Accessorise with a wide red belt or a clutch in red leather. Wear the colour boldly, as you can do no wrong with red this season.

    Go to work in grey
    Shades of grey ranging from ash to elephant grey are dominating the couture tailoring cuts this winter. Mannish cut trousers dominate the designer racks right now. Loose, wide-cut trousers are very trendy. Slouchy high-waists and shades of grey are must haves for the season.
    Avoid going overboard with the androgyny theme by pairing off mannish trousers with feminine, fitted tops in lace, silk or soft cashmere sweaters. For a corporate get-up, pair the trousers with a short, wide collared jacket that’s nipped in at the waist.

    Another item on the must-have list this season is the sweater tunic.
    A cowl neck, sweater dress or tunic in fine knit paired with leggings or skinny jeans are guaranteed to have u heating up a room. Sexiest is charcoal grey; find one that is cut to fall off one shoulder and complete the outfit with a broad corset belt.

    Try purple
    Purple is the jewel colour this season; it exudes luxury, finesse and royal style.
    A velvet jacket in purple is the ultimate item to have in your wardrobe for the winter months. Layered and flouncy or circle skirts in purple and metallic silver grey are the ultimate cocktail and dinner outfit. Get a fuzzy purple bolero or a mauve Aran knit sweater and pair them with skinny jeans and boots or over skirts for a causal winter date.

    Try a blouse in deep purple silk or if the colour just doesn’t suit your skin tone, use it for accessories. Hats, cable knit scarves in hues of grape or violet and chunky beads of amethyst are all great buys.

    And finally the star on top of the Christmas fashion tree is gold.
    Gold in every conceivable shade right from lemon, melon, mustard, sand, butter, straw and corn to chartreuse. The colour is so big this season that Gucci even did a tuxedo in gold for their winter show. Wear anything in it. A short cocktail, flapper dress in muted gold, a gold link belt, a puffy jacket in sunshine gold, or even a silk smock top in sand gold.
    The ultimate items of glam are an evening dress or Nehru cut jacket in gold brocade.
    So go ahead and get golden this winter.

    Source: msnindia
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    hmm...nice post..thnx for sharing

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    in middle east we hve summer at the moment...and one should simply go for light this season here...yeah in winter bright colors are best...thanks 4 sharing...

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    thanks you...4 shearing...

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