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Thread: An Interview with 'Villies'. ;)

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    Salamz guys,

    Here i am back with a new interview with our very special and not to forget regular member of DT family

    He is funny .. he is kind and most of all he is very regular

    Please welcome with ur host and dost Nina... Villies :biggrin:

    bachu aab khair manao apni

    ShooooooooooT ppl! :biggrin:
    "The world and all the things in the world are precious but the most precious thing in the world is a Virtuous Woman."
    - Prophet Muhmmad, Sal Allahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam

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    Ok villies here are some questions:

    1. What ur real full name?

    2. Where were u born?

    3. Whats ur hobbies?

    4. How many siblings?

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    hmm...great...yeah shoot...

    wat is the meaning of villies...

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    Hello Villies,
    Please to see you on the hot seat.

    Here I go.

    What you like mostly in dinner?

    How do you enjoy your weekend or holidays?

    Are you single or married, If you are single what is your program to marriage?

    Abhi k liye itna hi kaafi hai

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    Hey Nina hi... Hello EveryOne :clap2:
    thax you thax you so much... buhat sari izzat 1 sath milgayee yaqeen nahi horaha hey lol :biggrin:

    here me go

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    Yea, u deserve it na bholu

    here r my questions:

    -Wat is ur plan for the plan
    -Describe urself in a few sentences
    -Wat is ur most prized possession?
    -Who is the person closest to ur heart?
    -How do u deal with sadness, hurt, anger?
    -Is it easy for u to forgiv people?
    -Say somthing about DT and its members
    ~Ye Dard Ka Tufaan Guzra kyu nahi..Dil Toot Gayaa Hai To Bikhra kyu nahi..Ek Hi Shakhs Ko Chahta Hai kyu Itna..Koi Dusra Is Dil Me Utarta kyu nahi~

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    Ab jaldi se jawab de do villies:bg: we are waiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Sweet, post: 287770
    Ab jaldi se jawab de do villies:bg: we are waiting

    sorry sorry sorry dosto.. ap log to jante hi hain Karachi ki Roads per trafic kitna jam rehta hey... bas trafic jam me phans gaya tha islye yaha ane mein late hogaya :biggrin:

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    Hello Miss Naila .. ap teti hein

    1. What ur real full name?
    . Syed Najam

    2. Where were u born?
    . In the City of Lights :biggrin:.. Karachi... or jab se yahi ho :$

    3. Whats ur hobbies?
    . Music,Masti,DT & Hanky Panky :biggrin:

    4. How many siblings?
    . We are five... v are 3 bros & 2 sis..

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    Oh Najam bhai itni dair, yaar aik hi post main saare replies kardo,

    Aur sunao ab Karachi main aman hai, k abhi bhi kaheen kaheen hungamay ho rahay hain, yaar 12 may ka waqiya to kaafi gumgeen hai.

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