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Thread: Guess the person in picture - A game

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    Post an edited/blur picture of any actor, player or any other famous person and ask others to guess who he/she is. Its up to you howwell you can disguise the person in picture. You can give 1 or 2 hints if required.

    I am starting with an example. Guess the actor in following picture.
    HINT : belongs to pakistan and act in dramas

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    lol zee...moin akhtar nahin...ROSY KAHO lolzz!
    "The world and all the things in the world are precious but the most precious thing in the world is a Virtuous Woman."
    - Prophet Muhmmad, Sal Allahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam

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    yeh larki hai ke larka ?

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    zaheer bhai aap bhi na kamal hein....
    iss ko tu andah bhi pehchaan le gaa.... hahahahaha...

    !** I'M CooL.....I MaKe Ice JeaLouS **!

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    Jee haan yeh aasan tha is liay k pakistan mein wahid moin akhter hain jo ladies ka role bhi karte rahe hain perfectly

    ab next time tough poochoun ga but aap logon mein se bhi koi pooche na.

    ok here is the full picture of moin.

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    ok guess the persn in this pic.

    HINT: pakistani politician


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    aray pinky gurriya tum ne itnay politician dekhe nahi hain na pak k is liay mushkil lug raha hai. abhi koi na koi bata hi dai ga. lets wait n see.

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