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Thread: Photo: Himesh removes his cap!

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    Everyone is curious about how Himesh Reshammiya would look without his trademark cap. So we managed to get hold of such a picture.

    Like his mentor, Salman Khan Himesh also likes his hair long like Sallu's in Tere Naam.

    We name Salman because Himesh has always maintained in his interviews that there are only three people who are responsible for his fame: his father, God and Salman.

    So do you like his hairstyle? Or does he look better with his cap on?


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    Ahem.I have no clue to what he wants to pursue his career as..his monotous songs cannot run for ver with him singing all the songs as same...

    Another one trying to be Lucky Ali !

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    looks great without cap...

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    awwww he's luking so nice widout wearing a cap

    thanks for sharing

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