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Thread: 'I will Kiss Rakhi 15 more times'

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    On June 10th last year when Punjabi pop singer Mika grabbed and forcefully kissed item girl Rakhi Sawant on his birthday, he stirred up quite a controversy.

    However, the Punjabi munda seems to have hardly learned from the episode that went horribly wrong (or right considering the publicity they got).

    The singer is all set to once again invite Rakhi for his party and shower her with even more kisses, this year. He says he?ll invite rakhi and make sures she?ll come.

    In fact he plans to plant 15-20 kisses on her this time. Rakhi needs to grow up and forget whatever happened according to him.

    What a new dimension to the phrase ?Kiss n make up?. Recently appearing on his friend Siddarth Kannan?s show, Santa Banta (Zoom), mika?s leg was pulled endlessly.that?s where he also declared he got a chance, he wouldn?t mind kissing Rakhi again!

    Mika?s very confident that Rakhi will attend his party as ccording to Mika Rakhi is a publicity hungry person, she cant let go of such an excellent opportunity to plaster herself across the media Even though She might go blue in the face denying that she will be coming to my party. But apparently she?s also a great person and both of them have forgiven each other for whatever happened.

    Mika is very happy with the success of his song Ae Ganpat in Shootout At Lokhandwala. It has made him a big name therefore nobody can claim that I am using him or her for publicity, hinting at Rakhi.

    The venue for the party is yet to be decided. Last year, it was at Someplace Else (owned by the Deols). Needless to say, it will be a huge event with all his friends invited

    Rakhi on her part says There?s no way she will attend Mika?s party not wanting a repetition of what happened last year. She would prefer to stay away.?

    The only way though she?ll go to the do is if Mika?s older brother Daler Mehendi invites her case Dalerji commands her respect.

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