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    Water is one of the most important constituent of our body. Water maintains the temperature and keeps our body healthy. Most of us suffer from chronic dehydration and not even aware of the problem. Dr. F Batmanghelidj’s clinical research showed that many ailments – including adult onset diabetes, stomach ulcers, headaches, depression, and general aches and pain comes from chronic dehydration. He discovered that he could cure most of his subjects of their chronic ailments using only water.

    Understanding the importance of water , saints of India presented the technique of using water to stay healthy thousands of years ago.

    The Internal Use of Water Therapy:
    Early morning, drink 1.25 liters of pure water ( preferable kept overnight in copper vessel). This should be done on an empty stomach, after having starved for 8-10 hours the previous night. Try consuming the entire quantity of water within 5 to 10 minutes.
    However, in the initial stages of your therapy, if you find drinking this much quantity of water rather difficult, you might start by drinking a quantity smaller than the prescribed 1.25 liters, and gradually you can increase it to 1.25 liters. Make sure to give yourself ˝ an hour of complete rest, after drinking the water. Exercises, moving bowels or bath can be taken care of, only after this rest-period. Make sure you don't eat or drink anything within 1˝ to 2 hours of drinking water in the morning.

    How does this form of Water Therapy act within the body?
    1. When 1.25 liters of water is drunk within a short span of 5-10 minutes, after a night of fasting, the pressure of water that grips the intestines, activates them a lot more than usual.

    2. Due to the sudden water-pressure, the bits and particles of food that adhere to the walls of the intestines, along with gases and other undigested materials, disengage themselves from the intestinal walls, dissolve into the inflowing water and leave the body along with the same. This in turn, gives the intestinal cells a new lease of life.

    3. The intestines are not the only parts of the body to benefit from this Water Therapy. The cells of the entire body get revitalized. When, after 8-10 hours of fasting, water is drunk, the insides of the body soak it up thirstily and as a result, every single cell of the body gets affected by the water-intake. The free radicals and toxic elements adhering to the cells, are literally pressurized into removing themselves from the cells, and then the body's in-built cleansing system gets rid of these unwanted elements very easily, afterwards. Water is directly related to the kidneys and that is why Water Therapy does away with impediments within and ailments of the urinary track very fast. Water Therapy not only destroys the bacteria of the urinary track but also helps in getting rid of kidney stone problem.

    Diseases Cured: Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Pain in the Joints, Heart Problems & fainting, meningitis, urine problem, uterus cancer, piles, stomach problems, bile, cytica, cough, old age problems like wrinkles, pimples, paralysis, bronchitis, asthma, leucorrhoea, acidity, swelling, fever, headache, anemia, obesity, tuberculosis, liver ailments, irregularity in menstrual cycle, gas problems, constipation & so on.

    1. The first 3-7 days of Water Therapy could trouble the patient somewhat. He might suffer headaches and body-aches, as well as feel his head swimming. Sweating, nausea and loose-motions could also form parts of the 'symptoms'. If not all these, he might definitely experience a certain sort of uneasiness. The thing to keep in mind is that these are not harmful 'after-effects' of Water Therapy. These symptoms merely serve to testify that the body is getting rid of all the toxic elements trapped within its cells. Since these are not signs of harmful after-effects of Water Therapy, the therapy ought to be continued despite them. If necessary, the quantity of water drunk every morning could be decreased to a bearable extent. After a couple of weeks, when these disturbing 'symptoms' subside or die their natural death, the water intake can be increased to its stipulated level.

    2. Though this sort of Water Therapy is good for kidney and heart-patients, they are however advised to try it out only after procuring their physicians' permission and relevant guidance.

    Additional Water Therapies
    Following are the 4 popular therapies for preparing special water mixtures have been described which are very useful in curing several diseases:

    1. Dry Ginger Root Water: Boil about 2 liters of water with a whole piece of dry ginger or 2 teaspoon of dry ginger powder in a big vessel. Let the water keep boiling until the water is reduced to half its original volume. After this water gets cooled, sieve it properly.

    Diseases Cured: Chronic cold & cough, Asthma , Tuber Culosis (T.B.), all breathing problems , hiccups, lungs being filled with water, indigestion, loose motion, weak digestion power, stomach worms, urination in excess, diabetes, low blood pressure, the body becoming cold, headache etc.

    This is an excellent medicine free of any cost. Use this water for drinking the whole day. Keep using it for some days even after the disease is cured.

    2. Dry Corriander Water: Boil 1 liter of water with 1 to 1&1/2 spoons of dry (old) corriander. Sieve it after it becomes cool. Boil it till water is reduced to 750 ml. This water is cold in nature.

    Diseases Cured: Fever, burning sensation of stomach, nausea, acidity, burning sensation of eyes, bleeding from the nose, loose motion of summers, dry cough of summer, too much thirst.

    For more benefit add crystal sugar (mishri) to this water. People who drink coffee in excess should regularly use corriander water to get rid of the intoxicating effects of coffee.

    3. Carom seeds (Ajwain /Oregano seeds) Water: Boil 1 litre of water with 1 teaspoon (8.5 gms approx.) of fresh carom seeds. When its volume is reduced to half, sieve it after the water gets cooled.

    Diseases Cured: chest pain, pain in stomach due to gas, heaviness of stomach, gas in stomach, hiccups, not feeling hungry & not feeling like eating, weak digestion power, worms in stomach, pain in the back, loose motion due to indigestion, Cholera, cold & cough, excessive urination, diabetes etc. This water is hot in nature.

    4. Cumin Seeds Water: Boil 1 litre of water with 1 to 1&1/2 spoons of cumin seeds. Boil it till water is reduced to 750 ml. Sieve it after it becomes cool. This water is cold in nature like corriander water. It is a blessing for pregnant women & is also very helpful at the time of delivery of child. Those women who undergo natural abortions due to problems of uterus & bleeding, or give birth to dead children or whose children die just after being born, should take the cumin water regularly from the second month to the eighth month of pregnancy.

    Diseases Cured: Fevers of malaria that appear with shivering on alternate days, redness of eyes due to heat, heat in the hands & feet, nausea, loose motion , irregular menstrual cycle, Leucorrhoea, swelling & inflammation in uterus, worms, very less urination etc.

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    Hello I am also new here but I have Home Remedies for Constipation to share with. One of the best home remedies for constipation is to drink eight to ten glasses of water each day. It is extremely important to make sure your intestines are working well. You should keep water next to your bed when going to sleep and drink it first thing in the morning and Avoid eating dry foods. Instead, your diet should contain sufficient quantities of oil in it.
    Home Remedies For Constipation is one of the most common disturbances of the human digestive system in which

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