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Thread: "I will Die WIthOut yOu" ... is it true?

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    ...I lOve yOu...&...I dOnt live withOut yOu...

    A Very Sensitive tOpic, sO be careful...

    These are the wOrds , thrOugh Which almOst every Guy Or Gurl Explained Their Feelings , TO Which they named LOVE(which is Crush in Reality)...

    NOw, YOu Guyz Think, that why i'm saying it Crush...Let me Tell YOu ...

    The Biggest Sacrifies, when yOu lOst yOur lOve, is tO lIve alOne... And tO Live alOne Is much MOOOOOooore harder then tO Be Die...

    tO jump frOm 10th flOOr , tO take POisOn, tO kill yOurself With gun Or Knife is a lOt much Easier then TO live in the Pain, the Pain Of lOve...When YOu Die fOr yOur lOve, then yOu Finish yOurself in a secOnd Or minute... But When YOu Live Alone WithOut YOur lOve is much Harder...

    POint Of Debate : Am I rite Or nOt... If Yes then Why, If nO then Why...

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    ye miss sweet i agree with the fact tht livin alone after u lost the one u loved the mos is harder than dyin.. umm some ppl do actually end up loosin there lives so to a certain extent it is tru.. some guys jus say it and dont actually mean it.. so i would say "i would die without you" takes a diff tolll in ery relationship..

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    hmm yes...but live widout one u like u r dead inside u... but it get better after some time...maybe ...after years! dats really difficult...but there's many who take their lives too..

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    Yes u r rite sis. Losing the one u love is agony and very painful, after death we cannot feel anything so that is the easy way out. As long as one is alive that person thinks, feels, hurts...
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    losing the one we love...doesnot mean losing life altogether...yes its painful , its killing, damaging all desires/wishes, end of ur will to go ahead by thinking life as a burden.
    if love can be a reason to can be a reason to die too..but in the end our own life doesnot cheat on us...its makes us go through for something we didnot imagine...something our minds didnot reach to think...and i think one shouldnot be mean enough to giveup life...cause if he/she didnot get his/her love then by killing self he/she will actually kill all the ones who love him/her. and love is more giving.

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    no way...

    no 1 can meet to death for any person! i dun agree with this
    wOrK SmaRt NoT HaRd......

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    hmm to be honest naila.. no one actually dies because of this
    people move on.. we sulk alot.. we cry alot.. we hurt alot.. but we still keep moving.. partly coz its harder to live on, partly coz its to show the person who left us that we can live without you and partly coz we have a lot of responsibilities towards a lot of other people connected with us

    personally, i think that if the person you love couldnt be with you, regardless of his/her reasons, regardless of his/her excuses, and if that person is still here, and prolly will get involved with someone else pretty soon and get married and will have a life.. why should we let go of ourselves? why should we let our lives rot away? why should we die for such a person and why shouldnt we move on and live our lives to the fullest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Sweet, post: 299185
    what do u dnt agree wid?
    she doesnt agree that some1 can give their life up for another person..

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    Don't really think so its true as far as physical death is concerned for in that case this won't have exisit. Most of the people would have died together. But yes - mentally we do feel deserted without the person we love so much. But now that everything is cool with me, I can't say anythng about me wha would I do, if I lose my love and what would be mind set at that point in time. so, I personally don't rule out any possibility - might be I will end my life or might not be. But certainly I can say, there cannot be inner life in me after losing her and it will be as bad as death for me.

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