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Thread: XHTML Tutorial

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    Thank you...but i want more...doosri class kab hai...

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    Very soon sis..My PC gave up am joining things back..lil patience..

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    yeah ...theek hai..

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    HI mytonse dear thats brilliant,I worked much in HTML & DHTML and also now little javascript, and here i love to learn XHTML ,i think acording to ure lessons is it same like HTML ? and what the main benifint of XHTML? or we use HTML & XHTML together in webpage?

    Good work

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    Its good that you like the tuts here.I havnt still been able to get things back.Very busy with college.Further tuts in a week.

    Regarding benefits i have given it in the start.We have to move up to new standards which give better optimimsation with work rather than keep with the existing old ones.

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    Excellent work, Yunus.
    Dream, I do.

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    Thank you Bhai jaan.

    Exams coming up.Will post the new tuts soon.Bear with me for any inconvinience caused.

    Appreciate your co-operation.

    God Bless.

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    TUTS coming in very very soon..this time itll be much more graphic..xcluziv @

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