City schools are closed these days and children are enjoying summer holidays. But the lingering tension of finishing the homework spoils the joy of holidays, as children do not like any homework during vacations. While most children consider it a sheer formality, others take it to be a punishment, since it interferes with their personal agenda for the holidays - playing, watching TV, and generally having good fun.

Says Chakshu Puri, a Class V student, "The teachers have given so much homework that I cannot enjoy watching cartoon network. All the time, my mother keeps telling me to switch off the TV and complete the written work."

Some students point out that they prefer collecting things as part of holiday homework, rather than doing written work. Salauni Verma, a Class IV student, points out,"I love to collect different types of stamps, leaves and flowers. But I have not been able to do any of these things, due to so much holiday homework." Salauni says it seems that teachers want to reduce their own workload in the school, by giving so much homework.

Deepnayan Singh, a Class VII student, is also saddened by the burden of holiday homework. He points out, "My teachers have given me so much homework that I cannot develop my hobbies, and am also unable to visit any historical places near here."

But school teachers have their own views about the necessity of holiday homework. Asserts M R Mehta, the principal of BCM Senior Secondary School, Focal Point, "Homework is a must, otherwise children become very lazy in the holidays, and come to school all blank."

Paramjit Kaur, principal of BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar, advocates that holiday homework should be different than the school curriculum. "Students should be advised to read some books, and some collection work should be given to them. This way the holiday homework can be made interesting."

However, a government school teacher says it is not possible to give such homework to children who come from an illiterate background. "If we assign them homework not related to the curriculum, they come back to school like a clean slate after the vacations," she highlights.

Source: yahooindia