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Thread: Be with Me till the End

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    Be with Me till the End

    Be with me, God, when I'm happy
    And all of my skies are blue;
    Don't let me take life for granted
    But for ever be thankful to You.

    Be with me, God, when I'm sad
    And my heart is filled with pain;
    Help me to always remember
    I'll walk in the sunshine again.

    Be with me, God, when I wander
    Away from the path I should tread;
    Gently guide me home once more,
    Only You know what lies ahead.

    Be with me, God, for all of the years
    Safe in your loving care.
    I'll not let my faith ever waver
    For I know You will always be there.

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    i m glad u both liked it...

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    woww .. nicee poem !!

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