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Thread: Talk Desi

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    Welcome back It's good to see everyone posting in a bit more detail. Keep up the good work everyone, you sure are making my day.
    Dream, I do.

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    HEllo everyone in desi talk ...and welcome back hira...:givefl;

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    Hello there RAHEN. I am doing okay..How about the rest of you here ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mytonse, post: 307092
    Hello there RAHEN. I am doing okay..How about the rest of you here ?

    hello yunus..nice to see u here posting...i m doing great...shukar al hamdALLAH...wat abt u...

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    Salam everyone

    I didn't feel like sleeping so here I am sup? I am listening to this song after a long time:

    Time has no answer for words left unsaid. For words have no meaning, there's no road ahead. A moment is all I am searching for.. just a moment in love with you. A moment so special so beautiful, in a moment my wish comes true.

    ^ that's it for now.

    Dream, I do.

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    Im feeling so happy Aaj meri best friend ai howi maine 2 saal se nai dekhi

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    Sleep well Adeel Bro.

    @RAhen,Glad u doing okay.

    @NAila,HAd a blast i presume..

    Allah Bless you All.

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    Everyone seems to be doing well, so I will ask: How is break going?
    Get off my back

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