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    Assalamu Alaikum, Its been observed that most of us write "MOSQUE" for Masjid" and even calling it as Mosque in daily routine, what elders and teachers say that the word "MOSQUE" means the house of mosquitoes not Masjid Better to write MASJID.

    We have seen the spelling of MAKKAH as MECCA. The word MECCA means "Sharab
    Khaana"(bar or pub).

    Many people whose name start with Muhammed, write in a short form as

    This "Mohd" means "A dog who has a big mouth". Guys please forward this
    message to as many muslims as possible.

    Thanks, Regards,
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    Saira - Thank you very much. Its a new knowledge for me. I indeed appreciate this gestures coz. I feel that internet is the most media for knowledge sharing. Keep it up Saira.

    For those who are free,there is much to be grateful for May your home and your heart shine with the warm light of FREEDOM

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    Utter paranoia. Why don't you spend some time researching before you cut and paste it from elsewhere? Feeding a topic to readers is a great responsibility.

    Khalid puts it brilliantly here:

    A reader asked from the wonderful Lahore journal “Renaissance” if the English word mosque was derived insultingly from mosquito. He had read it in a book titled “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Islam”.

    The book said that during the Crusades, King Ferdinand of Spain had said that he would swat the Muslims like mosquitoes, and that was the origin of the word mosque, the place where the “mosquitoes” prayed.

    As the title suggests the book was a spoof. The definition given there is also a spoof and anyone taking it seriously runs the risk of being an idiot. Adnan Zulfiqar of “Renaissance” gave a very appropriate reply: the word had come from Spanish mezquita meaning mosque and became current long after King Ferdinand had had his day
    Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan

    It's what they mean to me that matters and not how someone spells. Now the word Muslim is synonymous to terrorist, do you want us to change it to something else?

    Topic locked.
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