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Thread: 10 most powerful women

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    Thats it very well, Keep it, I hope u will be same shearinhg in future

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiet Whisper, post: 313334
    nice post rahen..
    how about posting about the ten most influential and famous females in pakistan.. (except actresses and models)
    will look forward to that..inshaALLAH...
    candle: nice reply to shikari
    Thanks everyone for comments...

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    Nice one keep it up.

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    thanks 4 the comment and reminder..that i have to find influencial ladies...

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    I know but knowladge its knowladge.

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    hmm good and thx for sharin
    If Allah is with you, whom do you have to fear?
    If Allah is against you, what hope do you have?

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    Thanks 4 liking...

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    nice post thanx fr sharing
    I M What i Call i m "i m Loaded hell"

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    hmm nice sharing

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