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Thread: A rendezvous

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    Sitting underneath the sky; the same ravishing night-sky; and a serene moon, lingering stars in the companionship; 'tis the same sight that had always tempted me and same sacred hush touches me; but tonight, I revile the lure of this panorama for a hand on mine enriches my soul; my beloved seizes my thoughts - A dream, she beside me and I in her eyes, has been authenticated - this rendezvous; a cherished moment; a whelming desire. In the span of this consecrated moment, her beauty has me, captivated and here's my ode to moon; who’s prime will start to rust in no time.

    A Rendezvous

    Tonight you may descend, O’ Moon!
    For you have been outshone,
    No wonder, accused of her ample deeds!
    Such somberness does she breeds,
    This sweet simpleton, a divine boon!
    O’ see this myth, as darkness dooms
    -In Summer, like a vagrant Lilly blooms
    O’ see this myth, as changes she does make
    -In Winter, making this land a snowy drape
    O’ Moon! You might harm none
    But tonight you have been outdone,
    The Stars, around you they may state,
    To her beauty, they sing—Amused! They do praise,
    This Sorceress! Composed with love and fascinate,
    Enlightened is all— O’ you may quit,
    For you, the speckled, made out of filth,
    O’ see this myth, as my melancholy she does mellow,
    -In Autumn, like the amber-ness seduces a shallow,
    O’ see this myth, as she ignites my fire,
    -In Spring, like one’s amplified desire,
    Vacate, leave and bow to your demise!
    And these queries, you may surmise;

    [How may I gape at her stardom? O’ might!
    How may I reciprocate, the variant sight?
    How luminous, the pungent demon!
    How flippant, these solicit to discern!
    How easily I give up to this monarch!
    How amused I am, in this victory of hers!
    How perfectly-clinched, this rendezvous!]

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    spell bound !!! what else one could be ...

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