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Thread: (_)$@/\/\@ as Osama_gill

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    its mee (_)$@/\/\@ with a new style


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    u r welcome here...but from first u r here so what to welcome u here..

    but also welcome here on DT with new name...

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    welcome with ur new nam ...welcome man ...

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    new style is easy to write...yes u r welcome in any way u want...

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    welcome with a new styyle usama
    wOrK SmaRt NoT HaRd......

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    welcome osama gill i hope u dnt spam now

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    (_)$@/\/\@ has been deleted after being merged with your new ID. I am not going to give you an infraction this time since you've come clean at the board but please be careful in the future. We will ban duplicate ID's as soon as we catch them through our IP detection system. The easiest way to have your username changed is to have a simple private message delivered at my inbox.

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    hey usama
    Welcome with the new nick!!!

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