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Thread: Criminal Babies

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    Average criminals are much younger these days. Last weekend two kids age 8 and 10 broke into a daycare and stole crayons and Play Doh. This week a 5-year-old broke into a grocery shop and stole milk and Popsicles. And just yesterday newborn baby stole a ring from obstetrician's finger.


    Just some good ol' kids,
    Never meanin' no harm,
    Beats all you've ever saw,
    been in trouble with the law
    since the day they was born.

    Babies Gang Join us

    Outlaws girl (faster Faster dumb head they are coming) boy (show them some move shoot the tiers)

    Don't Tell Me Smoking is bad i know that thats why i am Bad Girl

    Little Emmy found her sandbox had just the right soil conditions to grow her marijuana.

    yummy open sesame ( Photograph of the crime made for camera of security, the test of the crime.)

    fight club champ

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    Kids pull the darnedest heists.

    She's so excited that the circus was in town! She's always wanted a baby elephant for her very own. Now she just needs to figure out where to hide it.


    Look At Me don't you think i am innocent


    Young Mafia


    "Whatchoo mean you ain't got my money?"
    Con Kid

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    A painting commemorating the greatest heist in history. Train robbers

    Police Sketch - Boss Of All Criminals : Last seen with fruit pies in his pocket. wearing panties, silky hairs, healthy, short hight, wearing cap

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    hehehehehe...truly awesome...couldnot make me stop laughing..thanks 4 sharing ur work...:up;

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    buuhahahaha...its realli funii thnx alot foe sharinn
    ~~ pRiNcE oF aRaBiAn NiGhTs ~~

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    nice post...was a good one...n had a good laugh.

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    hehehehehehe :rolling;... really funny ... but very innconet looking also:baby; ...
    nice sharing ...
    Ramadan Kareem to everyone ...

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    wow its good well abdullah says says If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane. but if we laugh a lot then peoples thinks you are insane. choice is yours lol thx for liking

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    nice and cute thx for liking

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