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Thread: Wot's your five favourite websites?

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    Mine would be:

    My own website obviously..... jus' kiddin'

    Yahoo for Email coz it offers 100 MB where as Bill Gates is still asleep with a sad 2 MB
    has news and interesting groups too, I buy some stuff off the auctions sometimes.
    Got me a 1960 Spiderman comic, 1500 old year coins too from there. No fraud real safe.

    Google: for the fastest search Engine. News also. For all the Nice people I get to meet for all those days when you are bored and you don't know what to surf. for all the information

    I've got too many related to Graphic design and other stuff but I'm writing something general coz they would be of no use to anyone else.

    Twisters? Yours?


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    interesting, i'd agree with the first 3 mentioned by snaz, I haven't visisted the rest yet, apart from them i go 4 for the news and articles. for the reviews and interacts. for the 3d stuff. for the wma's of indian movies and pakistani pop music. for the way back machine, snaz you must visit it, you can see older & the earliest versions of every website that came at the www there.

  3. #3 - Ryan Bliss... great 3d work in Poser and Maya.....

    wot's will visit it...

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    chowk in short as their slogan says 'ideas and identities of india & pakistan. good place to read revews of music, movies, books and some other stuff.

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