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Thread: Designing Request

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    delete this

    Quote Originally Posted by RAHEN, post: 325275
    Have completed one of ur poem...and will start making the second one..waiting for ur view.
    that is really good rahen thanks a lot for helping me out .Have a nice day

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    Quote Originally Posted by heman, post: 325312
    that is really good rahen thanks a lot for helping me out .Have a nice day
    this poem you can help me out with a young couple sitting on a sunset evening at a seashore on the rocks but the title heading should be in my wifes name as well as my name below
    Your Beautiful love...
    If i were granted a special request from the stars above,and i could wish for anything,I would ask for your love.
    If high hope and heart alone,could make sweet dreams come true.
    I would live in a perfect world.where i am loved by you.
    If my greatest heart's desire could be carried in on the tide,
    I would meet you at the shore,and walk ever by your side.
    If i could buy anything,my heart eve dreamed of,I would forgo the material things,and stock up on your love.
    If i could soar to heaven wrapped in wings of bliss,your arms world be around me,I would welcome every kiss.
    If i could dream of anything,I would dream only of your touch,and hold you close to me each night the way i yearn to so much.
    If i could own paradise where everything's divine,then my world exist in the place where you are mine.
    If prayers could bring anything.
    I would ask directly from the heart,for a promise of tomorrow when we are never more apart.For there's one thing in life that i look forword to and that's the days ahead i will spend with you.And out of all the thing that i could hope for or ever dream of nothing compares to you and your beautiful love.

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    can you design this poem for me with a couple sitting on the parapet near a seashore in evening and the waves rumbling below.the top part should be addressed as Darling Alpa and below the poem of mine it should be written Ever Yours-heman
    I could keep on dreaming my whole life
    If it meant that i could stay next to you
    Never wake up, keep my eyes closed
    If it meant that i could always be near you.

    I could keep on crying my whole life
    If it bought you just a moment of your smile
    Never try to stop, cry till the tears go dry
    If it brought you happiness, even just a while

    I could keep on talking my whole life
    If my words could soothe your screaming fears
    Hold you close and keep you comforted
    smile whilst I drown in your tears.

    I could keep on smiling my whole life
    If my smile was what made your day
    However painful the trails of this woeful life
    I would hide the pain, keep smiling each day

    I could keep on loving my whole life
    If the one who held me was you
    Be lost never to be found again
    in a secret place that u only knew

    But I can never tell you the way i feel
    and the reality couldnt be much more true
    the only way i'll ever be near you
    is when i dream about u...

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    wat is a parapet...

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    a parapet is a wall near a seashore where people can sit and watch the waves of the sea below.Like Marine Drive sea of Mumbai India

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    or a bench like thing where one can see the waves below of the sea

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    ok...i will find images then...

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    thanks a lot and sorry for the trouble.have a nice day

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    its ok...same to u..

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    rahen if i send you our photo together can you put it in the moon card you designed for us earlier and send it to me directly at my yahoo email address

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