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Thread: Designing Request

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    Yes sure i will do that.....but i will give u the link to the ur private message in Desitwist. i think that is fine with me.....and yes ur new request is ready...for others i will find the image...then only can make it...

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    that would have been great if it was in colour .but then also thanks and have a nice day

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    yes do that instead of posting it here for everyone to see

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    heman...memories dont look nice in colors...thats why i didnot put colors in the image.

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    yes you are right but nowadays if your life is colourful you like to see everything like that too.ISNT IT?And in future if you send anything like this just remember at the top it should be written :-My Darling Wife Alpa;
    And below it should be :-Your loving Hubby;

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    hi rahen i would appreciate if you send me another card in colour with one of my another poems which i have said i want in a giant red coloured should be addressed as my darling wife Alpa and below it should be written yours darling,loving hubby wifes birthday is on this week

    you can use this link as a photoshop and make a couple sit on the bench there
    Below is the host webpage on Flickr - Photo Sharing! with the image in its original context.

    or you can use this link to make a couple sitting on the marine drive mumbai sea parapet bench with my poem and how it should be addressed as too which i have said earlier today
    Below is the host webpage Picturejockey with the image in its original context.

    post it in desitwist inbox of mine only please and thanks

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    site flickr is blocked with me..but through google search i found this image...can u save this image in big format...i will want to use this bench..near the giant heart.
    and which poem waz that.can u write it again...for this designing...cause u hve written many.

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    i will see whether i can save the image of the flicker site otherwise you can use the picture jockey image over the giant red heart.and i want it in colours as on top to My Darling Loving wife Alpa;
    and below it write From Your Loving Hubby-Heman
    you can insert this poem of mine in it:-

    Your Beautiful love...
    If i were granted a special request from the stars above,and i could wish for anything,I would ask for your love.
    If high hope and heart alone,could make sweet dreams come true.
    I would live in a perfect world.where i am loved by you.
    If my greatest heart's desire could be carried in on the tide,
    I would meet you at the shore,and walk ever by your side.
    If i could buy anything,my heart eve dreamed of,I would forgo the material things,and stock up on your love.
    If i could soar to heaven wrapped in wings of bliss,your arms world be around me,I would welcome every kiss.
    If i could dream of anything,I would dream only of your touch,and hold you close to me each night the way i yearn to so much.
    If i could own paradise where everything's divine,then my world exist in the place where you are mine.
    If prayers could bring anything.
    I would ask directly from the heart,for a promise of tomorrow when we are never more apart.For there's one thing in life that i look forword to and that's the days ahead i will spend with you.And out of all the thing that i could hope for or ever dream of nothing compares to you and your beautiful love.

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    i have given the link of our photo in your blog which you can insert in the giant redheart instead of the other 2 links if you like.

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    theek hai...thanks...i will work on it today only...

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