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Thread: Shikari - New spotlight member

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    Hi haal hai..

    What do u love to do in ur spare time?

    by surfing the net chating brwsing.wacthing TV and playing Football..

    Do u have a best friend? Who is he/she?
    he is my class mate....not a member in DT..

    Describe urself in a few words

    sorry i cant:P....again miyan mitho lol..
    Are u an emotional person, or are u calm

    Depends...calm k saath emotion kisi ko pata hi nahi chalata k mere andar ki chal raha hai lol..

    What is ur most prized possession?

    hmm i got prize and award of best player of the match(football) lagataar 3 matches main ..

    What is ur fav subject in school?
    computer science..

    This is enough for now...

    ok jee thanks for u questions..mujhe khushi hui jawab dete huwe..magar maaf kardena thora busy tha to time nahi mila DT par anai ka..ab koshish karonga k DT Par a sako ..Allah Hafizz..Tcz.

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    thank you...and its ok to be late than never....but here are more questions lined up for u..:bg:
    How were ur childhood days spent with ur family members? and to whom u r close to?
    If u r interested in reading books...then which type of books do u enjoy?
    Which season is the best season for u..and wat do u love abt it?
    What is ur fav flower,drink,food, color and dress...and wat is the reason?
    natural beauty all around...which one is ur fav?
    which moment in ur whole day...u love the most...
    wat do u love to do in ur free time?
    Which relationship stands best in ur eyes...and wat is the reason for that?
    Any rules made by u...on which u r not at all ready to compromise
    Any habit of urs which makes ur parents worried?
    Which habit of urs u love
    If ever u want to bring change in ur life...wat change would u want to bring?
    Do u follow advices..if u do..which advice has always remained in action...
    What is the difference according to u..btw frndship and love?
    U make ur own decisions or give complete right of ur decision on ur much importance u give on taking advices?
    Hve u ever felt unhappy by ur luck...
    Which one do u believe in the most...taqdeer or tadbeer?
    What do u hve to say abt hijab?
    aap kab se salman khan ko pasand karti hain...from which movie?
    What do u like abt ur country?

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