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Thread: Surah and its Benefits

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    jazakALLAH alf khair waffa.

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    Slam o alaikum to all,

    since past half an hour i have been in a state of shock... We so called Muslims by birth are in total chaos... It is nothing but shame that i had to choose such harsh words but its totally horrific how much we have tortured the true soul of ISLAM and the true message of Quran...

    My dear sisters and brothers in Islam, Quran is not and was never sent down as a cure to headache, stomachache, eye ailments etc etc. In the glorious Quran Allah SWT has repeatedly mention that this QURAN IS SENT DOWN SO YE MAY COME TO THE RIGHT PATH, so that it might bring us out of the darkness. Please I urge you all to recite the quran and understand it so we may acknowledge the true wisdom of Quran so that we may reach the enlightenment.

    Islam was once at its zeeneth when every muslim was a true believer and true recepient of Quran, because every muslim understood the message of Quran back than. today in our busy lives we have restricted quran to nothing better than a bargain shop, that one may open it to recite one chapter so many times to get rid of some wordly issue.

    So Please sisters and borthers, do not take Quran for grantage... Endure and spread the true message of Quran, as it should be spread.

    I do not intend to hurt anyone with my words but rather shed some light on a misconception that is growing like raging fire. Its never too late to get back to the real purpose of our lives.

    Jazak Allah,

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    wa aleikum assalam,
    yeah been u r right...long after i posted this...i heard and islamic QA show and the maulvi said that dont use quran as a source of healing...instead use it to recite for the blessing of ALLAH...In weak ahadith it is heard that during night..Prophet (pbuh) used to recite surah akhlas, surah naas and surah falaq. also there is a weak hadith on reciting surah waqaya, and surah ahzab.

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    As salam alaikum wa rehmatullah...
    Been n Rahen u both r right to the point that Quran is a way of life and it should b implemented in our every day life n on every instance,if some one uses the same Quran also as a way to cure but within shariah (I.e. not making any taweez etc) then its good. But Alas people r using Quran more to drive out jinns n curing the medical problems rather attaining the true benefits.we gotta check the health of hadith of the recitation of last two surah's once more, as Im not sure about it.

    Jazakllah Khair to both of as the information provided by Rahen was helpful and the IMP thing which was needed to Quote after posting was done by been

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    who ever uploaded the above surahs & its benefits i personally thankful, can u help me how can i download them to my desktop of plz post a link

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    As salam alaikum wa rehmatullah...

    Thanks for such a precious gift

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    As salaamu alaikum
    I just wanted to know whether the fazilats are from Shahi Hadith or weak Hadith

    Quote Originally Posted by RAHEN, post: 328942
    This morning i received a mail from ma frnd which i m pasting here...mashaALLAH she sent me pearl of its kind...jazakALLAh alf khair to it it..

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    Jazakkalhu Khair

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