salaam alaikum,

my dear brothers and sisters, worship Allah - He is our Creator, He gives us health, wealth, family, education, security,etc. we all will go back to Him.

the life is very uncertain, death could come any moment. even now reading it. once angel of death comes, not even a second will be given to do good actions or seek Allah's forgiveness.

pray namaaz, give zakat, help needy and poor .

avoid alcohol, disrespecting parents, having girlfriends/boyfriends

avoid backbiting, stealing, cheating, lieing

learn Islam (read books, visit islamic sites), pls dont waste too much time on tv/movies/music...

we have two options: what will we choose?

1. spacious grave, shade on hot Day of Judgment, Paradise with palaces, gardens, fruits, servants.

2. punishment in grave, sweating on Judgment Day, Hell with fire, boiling water, thorny plants.

may Allah forgive us all.

PS: mods, pls dont close the thread.