O life! Thou art the God's gift very precious for me
Always very fresh and charmfull having enchanting beauty
If I think and treat thou very much positively
Then thou art the best way of serving humanity
Thyself thou can be an inevitable hell
If I wish to live thou pessimistically
Sometimes for me thou become a tough obstacle
But often thou art full with miracles completely
Thou contain all kinds of emotions for me
Love, hatred, fear, happiness and the grieves
Good and bad lessons art thine experiences for me
Itís upon me the best way of living to perceive

Daily I try to live thou as my last day in this world
How long thou art no body can say anything for sure
My aim to live thou is to obey all the Orders of my Lord
To love the younger and I never forget to respect my elder
God gave thou to us to see how we do the balance
For Him there is no difference among His creatures
Itís our fault that we created the distinction of class
To give importance to the rich and disgrace the poor
We can get our sweet heaven even on this earth
If we try to kill all the evils with the goodness
One day we all have to go back to our God its worth
Our aim to live should be to spread love and happiness