This is an announcement from the staff and will be edited by various members of the staff in the future to ensure that it stays up to date.

The relationships & marriage forum is for marital and relationships discussions that do not fit into any other category. Members can post about anything under the sun (within reason). Topics or posts that better fit another category will be moved or split to the respective forum.

Being human means having difficulties with relationships- It can be parent-child, spouses, bosses, in-laws, lovers, friends etc. The list is endless.

THIS is the place to post your questions and concerns about the relationships in your life. It is also a place to find information.

DesiTwist has people from all ages, and many walks of life. No matter what the issue, you are sure to find good people who have "been there, done that", and can share their life experiences concerning those knotty relationship issues.

Make sure that you can clearly differentiate between sexuality and issues related to sex. We do not allow any pornographic material at DesiTwist so don't please bring this topic on the board or else we will have to ban you.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Thank You