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Thread: Hesitation??

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    Hello everyone
    Its true that most of the ppl feel hesitation while dealing with ppl or u can say in saying wat they want to say due to some reason and some time during work.
    The question is why does one feel hesitation, wat makes them feel it...according to u?

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    i think it is a part of human nature...evryone feels nervous or the usual thing...

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    this happens with me a lot.. specially since i have to interview a lot of people, but once i just push myself and start it off, i manage to pull it off fine..
    i think its coz of the way we were when we grew up..
    over protective family perhaps, or a lack of responsibilities and lack of contact with people at younger ages make it harder for us to manage heavy responsibilities at first, and also make it a lot harder for us to talk to strangers at first instances.. but after a little while, we start moving and then we're fine..

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    yeah !
    meray sath bhi aisa hi hota hai..
    and because of this i can't tell ppl ma true opinion abt anything !
    i think it's because of the lack of confidence
    wen ever i try to do anything before some or many ppl it feels like everyone is lookin' at mee and they are ready to catch ma mistake
    wOrK SmaRt NoT HaRd......

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    I hav seen that most people are hesitant but others r not at all. But everyone feels hesitant at one point or the other and it is just human nature. But for those people who r hesitant in mostly all situations, that can b explained by a lack of confidence
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    I would agree with Mr. QW here .. i think, it's really important to be socialized become more outspoken and confident person. Though, here and there everyone gets nervous and hesitation is part of human nature so ya ... if you just throw yourself in big situation or take a responsibility i believe *you'll do just fine*...
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    yes, everyone u r right.
    hesitation sub ko hoti hai at one point in life...some face it in younger age and some in older age...some of the time its abt not trusting ur self enough for wat u think or act and one feels hesitant to show it...sometimes one feels it when he/she is giving a shield to the block of information and doesnot want to share...yes one feels hesitant with strangers when one is unsure of what they say n do will bring right or wrong results ...i mean lower confidence

    thanks everyone for reply.

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    Hesitations? ME? No way!
    Dream, I do.

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    as many ppl gave a name that it is bcoz someone is lacking with is not like that sometiimes confidence is there but also our inner thoughts make us sometimes think of this will happen n if this happens so what will i do...if we go in good n bad things so little being hesitated is okay but hesitating more is not good n then it means lack of confidence...

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    hehehe this topic is for me.. i really cant speakk.. bohot kam bolti hun mein.. mere saath wala banda bolta ha n mein sunti hun.. abh bolne ki thori try karti hun.. adat dal rahi hun batein karne ki..magar i really cant..

    bas bachpan se aik adat parh gai ha.. isliye abh hesitate hoti hun mein bohot k agle bande ko patanahi kaise lage ..mein sahi hun bhi k nahi.. all that..

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