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Thread: Love When Trust Is Broken

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    my life is turned upside down.,
    i feel as though at times i am going to drown.
    i do not know which way to turn,
    for it seems i always get burned.
    tired of the constant fight...
    please help me lord to find the light.
    i wish i knew where it all went wrong.
    for this life\'s struggle has been so long.
    please help to stop this pain,
    help me find the answers to life\'s game.
    too many cages around me hold me in,
    set me free please and let my new life begin.
    i want to be free to soar to the ends
    of the earth and back again,
    to start my life over again.
    i only wished to be loved,
    and lead a happy life,
    not to keep having my life ripped open with a knife.
    you broke my heart
    you broke the trust
    and to walk away from you now i know i must.
    it will break my heart to hurt the kids
    and leave you now,
    but love without trust i cannot allow.

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    nice post.thanks

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    hmm... life asks for endless sacrifices

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    So nice, thanks for sharing.

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