Out! My feelings screaming to get out,
Trapped inside my body,
Trying to get control of me,
Its not like I am not aware of it,
Just so afraid of it,
I can feel my blood boiling,
Slowly, slowly killing me,
I am sick of this tension,
Going out of my mind,
Usually now it feels like I am soon going to die,
But still alive,
Fighting these feelings from inside,
There is a war in my head,
No more, itís not easy to trust my self,
Pure evil, comes out when ever I take breath,
My eyes are changing,
My views are different now,
Not even on the same ground,
I donít even sound right,
But still my heart is alive,
Fighting these feelings with the feelings I have stored inside,
Its not easy but hoping trying counts otherwise,
Iíll be half dead and Iíll be half aliveÖ.