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Thread: Shadowing Insanity

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    Shadowing Insanity

    Stop stalking me,
    Just leave me alone;
    You follow me everywhere,
    Trying to empower my heart of stone...

    I tried to run away,
    But was always in vain;
    For you vowed to be there with me...
    In times of pain...

    Now your shadow follows me,
    Have nowhere to hide...
    Feel like a souless body,
    So very dead inside!

    But shadows I presume;
    Only appear during sunlight,,
    Well then why do I seem 'em lurk
    also at night?

    A lot of confusion...
    and a lot of fear,
    Remember you promised me...
    to catch my every tear?

    Nobody seems to understand,
    nobody seems to care,
    Is there nobody here to rescue me...
    from Fate's Deadly Snare?

    Or maybe I've fallen in an Abyss...
    Pitch Dark and deep,
    After climbing Life's Mountains
    and Hills very steep...

    I try to take a step forward,
    but I always fall behind...
    Even Nature's against me,
    Or should I blame my mind?

    But with every shadow...I see hope,
    I really feel you're there,
    For your shadows mislead me of your presence,
    and the Past that we used to share...

    These Shadows and this Darkness...
    seem to cloud my ...Sanity,
    For they say "Seeing shadows of a Dead Person... a thing beyond Reality...~* "

    Yet I'm ready to lose everything,
    and yes..sanity too,
    If only I could get you back...
    Not your Shadows but the Real You!

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    kudos for a lovely poem .it happened to me too when i was here without my wife for a few months

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    Hmm, I also know the feeling.

    Really great poem.
    Get off my back

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    Thanks 4 liking...

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    Kafi time baad aisa kuch perha. Nice sharing & good choice Siso

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