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Thread: Interview with DesiTwist's friend of the year: Miss_Sweet

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    What's your real name?
    My real name is Naila Munir.

    Can you give us a brief bio?
    My name is Naila. I live in Norway, and am originally from Multan. My d.o.b is 12/12/87. I am studying medicine.

    What is your educational background?
    I have now completed college. I will be going to a University in August.

    What do you consider as your accomplishments up to this point?
    There's much more to achieve, and I still have to work much more and even harder.

    What are your favorite books? Movies? TV shows?
    I like to read novels, but not any specific books. I also like magazines and the Quran of course. I have many favorite movies. Some of them are Sanam Bewafa, Devdas, Titanic and many more. I just like to watch dramas and other programs; nothing specific. Sometimes I also watch news.

    Music? Games? Foods? Beverages?
    Music depends on my mood. Sometimes I like pop/remix and sad songs. My favorite games are The Sims 2 and Need for Speed. My favorite foods are desi foods, pizza, pasta, etc. I love to drink pepsi, coke, and fanta.

    What do you do for fun?
    I get online at DesiTwist, or play The Sims.

    What do you do for relaxation?
    Take some rest or sleep.

    What is your ultimate professional goal?
    To become a doctor.

    What do you know now that you wish you'd known 5 years ago?
    Friends can also become enemies.

    Tell us something about yourself that we don't already know.
    I think there's nothing you people don't know, and if there is, then you are welcome to ask.

    How did you come to be a part of DesiTwist?
    I just searched for forums and ended up here.

    Which part of DesiTwist do you visit the most?
    Teen Talks, Love & Relationships, and Fashion & Styles.

    You're the top poster at Desitwist. Does it add more responsibility in terms of maintaining your persona at the board?
    I don't feel anything special for being the top poster. I'm just like the other members here.

    How did it feel when you were declared this year's desi friend?
    I was and am very happy. I didn't know there were so many "fans" of me here. hehehe

    Have you ever succumbed to anyone or anything?
    I dont remember.

    What does the future hold for Naila?
    I ll always be a member of DT. God knows the rest.

    How do you see DesiTwist today?
    It is very different from when I joined. It has a lot of cool things, cool members, and many other qualities. This is the best forum ever!

    Is it any different from the time you joined?
    Yes. Very much!

    Any message for the new comers?
    Keep others happy, and in that, you will be happy as well.

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    its so nice to read ur interview...Admin good job..:up; ma sis...liked reading ur interview...and especially that banner up there...u look so so awesome there..mashaALLAH

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    very nice interview Naila...

    even i like that banner...u look awsome ...

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    Hey gorgeous You are looking ummmmmm ... nycly said dear :thumbs:.. ALLAH Bless You.

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    Oh! interview a gaya hehe i didnt knew

    Thanks all for reading:hug2;

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    Lovely interview Sweeto Aap apne avatars kahan se late hien?
    Dream, I do.

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    Lovely interview. As lovely as ever.
    "The world and all the things in the world are precious but the most precious thing in the world is a Virtuous Woman."
    - Prophet Muhmmad, Sal Allahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam

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    Short n to the point perh k acha laga sweety :giveflower;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endurer, post: 334165
    Lovely interview Sweeto Aap apne avatars kahan se late hien?
    Thanks :giveflower;

    Mere computer mein maine avatars ki collection banai hai udher c le leti hoon;

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    Quote Originally Posted by NInA, post: 334170
    Lovely interview. As lovely as ever.
    Thanku Nina darling:kissing:

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