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Thread: Women in Islam

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    I have got many questions raised in my mind..this video hav 6 parts..let me know wat ur openion


    sorry it cant embedded::

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    hmm..before i write something...comeup with ur questions first...

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    c video and giv ur respone..
    do u wish women do namaz in masjid ?and if yes how they offer namaz??with curtains and with proper islamic dress?
    i agree women can enter and offer namaz in majids but it should b in curtains wit proper islamic dress..
    i dont want majids bcome dating place where most of churchus bcomin now!!!
    let me knw wat u ppl response

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    I saw that video then..and i came to the conclusion...women shouldnot hve changed the rule of praying behind purpose to go to mosque would only to have a comfortable place to pray..and not to raise question on those ladies hve done...
    curtain is fine...infact good...and i think those teenagers were wearing proper dress...

    i personally say..i dont like praying in mosque...simply because i dont feel comfortable there..i protect myself not just from men..but from mischievious ladies too...and if time requires to pray in mosque while i m travelling and proper hijab is there...then why not...
    i m sorry i cant quote the real hadith...but what i read waz...that going to mosque isnot prohibited...but home is the better place for ladies for praying...

    to me these teenagers are somewhat trying to compete men...and i think thats foolish..cause almost 75% every where we hve competed them...and almost lost our identity...and society is the example here...

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    nice response ..i agree wit u rahen
    i gues tat video girl is doing Biddat/bid'ah .
    im rite?

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    i cant say bidah...because i myself hve to learn a lot abt islam...but yes...i didnot like the way she waz questioning and reasoning with her mom in the end.

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    The documentary also states that Muslim women are not required to follow the explain of the Prophet(pbuh)'s wives (pbu them)

    its quite opposite to sunnah
    and it leads to bid'ah or bidat ..
    just findout more lol

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    really..i didnot hear that...maybe i missed listening that...

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    Why not rahen u r absoltly right.

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    thanks you...4 shearing...

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