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Thread: help me find this software

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    is there any software which can password protect my Phone's Gallery and Inbox...

    i have
    Nokia N80 and 6680...dono kay liye yeh software cahiyeh...


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    im sure therre is a setting on the phone where you can set a password for the phone. pls check under menu and settings

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    Generally in Nokia Phones there is already installed a software to Lock your phone manually or automatically as defined in user time

    If you aren't aware of this then follow this process to lock your phone as described bellow. Secondly here are the attached files which you can easily install on your mobile to Auto lock your phone the first attached file could be use for N80 and the 2nd attached file is for Nokia 6680

    To use manual way For both of your mobiles go through following Steps :

    Open Menu >Tools>Settings>Security>Phone and Sim.

    here scroll down and press the lock code option it will require a code type 12345 (this is a default code for Nokia phones) then it will ask you for new code so input the new code press ok it will again ask you to verify the code so enter the same code again. Now you have done with your password if you want to Auto lock your Mobile then in the same section there will be a box with name : "Auto Lock period" enter the desired time you after which you want to lock your phone to confirm the security it will ask for the password again.
    If you want to use the option to manually lock your phone at any moment then just simply press the power key and Select "Power Lock"..And you phone will be locked no one can access your phone until the required password is submitted.

    I hope this will sort out your problem for for any question or request you are Welcome.
    You know What i Mean!

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