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Thread: What are the benefits of riding a bike over driving a car?

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    same villies

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    first we have control of air pressure. and nothing try this one

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    wow..even though i dont have one...i'll give all those people one good reason to like a bike...
    One wouldn't like to go by car if the girl (the one that u like ) is coming with you...
    i think that is good enough explanation required for smart people

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    I don't like bikes...they are just good for traffic jams as someone mentioned earlier. And cars are way secure then bikes, good for family and kids. It's horrible to see 2 or 3 kids riding on bikes with their parents and it's very common here in Pakistan.

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    yeah true..i have seen many situations out there...where the seat for two (comfortable sitters is being occupied by 4...i have seen many bike accidents...i hope i dont see any more..but overall...driving on a bike has got a sense of independence...where one isnot in the cage like car.

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    cars are like cages?? hope you are not just referring alto or fx here rahen. And about freedom...well i guess you have to pay a big price for it then.

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    bike is for youngsters but risky for the rider
    car for family more safe
    u make me happy

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    i like they r more comfortable.but for fun bikes i like

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    accidents are a part of life...tulip..after i had a ride on bike...i really loved it more than cars...yah porcelein and dsjeya are right..with car is good for family over bikes.

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    To ride a bike can help people lose weight in a large extent, additional heat removal. It burns calories, in the overall health and well-being advancing.While, the results of driving, find a parking space is often a daunting task. Bike to this concern, you can link to almost any place you feel you think. Bike is also in the vicinity of the trip the better choice.

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