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Thread: What are the benefits of riding a bike over driving a car?

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    question is already asked...wat u say...

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    Kuch Khas nahi hein jii... bas ye kehsakte hian ke trafic jam ho to car drive nahi ki jasakti infact bike kelye buhat kum space ki zaroorat hoti hey... thori si jaga bhi miljaye to rider asani se nikal jata hey

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    mujhe bhi yehi faida dekhta hai...

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    welll agree wid you ppl i dont have any bike a bike even i dont know how to ride a bike but after 3rd acccident of mine in pk i am now thinking to own a bike far most it isnt safe but i think car sey behtar hoge secondly it can save a lot of time in heavy and jammed traffic..
    You know What i Mean!

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    not a bad idea...getting some experience of bike also...

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    no traffic jams hassle .. less space required to park .. more speed .. awesome acceleration ..
    aye dil tu tanhaiyon main rehne ka AaDi hoja.. jinhein tu yaad karta hai wo bare masroof rehte hain..

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    speed is where bikes are excellent...

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    hmm ye traffic jam wala adavntage hai bike se
    but bike i tooo unsafe i believe
    i don't want to sit on bike :rnop:

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    phir tau aik din bethna chahiye...u will love it..sachi...try tau karo...

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    no ways sis

    i don't want to try it, bus Allah bachae bike se

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