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Thread: Heartbreak In A Mirror

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    A silent stare into the eyes of the unknown unearthed by the fading breath of love.
    I surrender to the causes that I've suffered for, the cruel inevitability that will rule my soul.
    Heartless, running blindly towards a sweet escape, the bitter taste of heartache upon my lips.
    I am bound to the strings that puppet my heart, the strings that snap and break under pressure.
    The master of fate pulls me apart dragging me away on a stretcher.
    Slowly succumbing to the subtle subversion of my subconscious,
    I'm suddenly subdued by self-sympathy.
    Divided and alone, I stand a shell running from a world wanting to get rid of me.

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    I'm depressed now. Seriously though, it was great. Deeply emotional.
    Get off my back

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    deep emotional...
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    I know the feelings.. can emphasis...beautifully written..thanks for sharing!

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    Wow..very emotional..
    thanks for this

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